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Question;Overview of Business Process;Analysis for UMUC Hair Cuts;For your Stage 1assignment for the Case Study, you;identified a strategy for competitive advantage anda business process that you would improve through the application of;technology.;In Stage;2, it is time to implement your strategy for a competitive advantage for UMUC;Haircuts. You will do this by;strategically developing the business process that you have identified that;needs improvement. The success of your;competitive advantage is going to be dependent on how well you improve the;business process you selected in Stage 1.Assignment;UMUC Haircuts Stage 2: Create a document;that includes;I.;Introduction;Briefly state the strategy for competitive advantage;that you will focus on and the business process you will use for success.;II.;Business Process Explanation;Identify and explain your business process in;detail. Explain how a technology solution could improve the process as it;exists today. (Do not identify the;specific IT solution, but discuss how a solution involving some aspect of;technology could improve the process to help reach a competitive advantage.);III.;Proposed Technology Solution;?;Identify in detail a specific technology solution;to improve the business process. I recommend that you do propose a commercial;off-the-shelf (COTS) software application and you can find many candidate;solutions by web searching. If this were;are real world application you?d need to identify and assess multiple;solutions to make sure you find the best one for your business. For this;application I only require that you identify one solution, but it must;be at least a reasonable one. Please include the Web Link so I can check it;out. (For example, Quick Books is not an ERP and it doesn?t have ERP;functionality.) At a minimum I need to be reasonably satisfied that the;solution you?ve recommended will actually work in conjunction with the Business;Process improvement that you?ve proposed. If you can?t get enough information;from the website or the vendor to confirm what the software actually does, you;might want to steer away from it!;?;I recommend that you do not propose a custom;built solution (such as one based on the MS ACCESS program) since many;commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software applications are known to be available;to meet the needs of this application. However, if you do decide to propose a;custom built solution, then at a minimum you?ll need to prepare a functional;requirements document. This document must identify the key data that the system;will need to process, the main data input screens, define how the data must be;processed, and what outputs will be produced.;?;Using information from your readings, discuss the;specific solution, the type of solution it is, and why you chose this;solution.;?;The proposed IT solution;should focus on improving the chosen business process;and should be appropriate to UMUC Haircuts.;(Do not;discuss how it will improve the specific process yet. That?s in Step 5.);IV.;Solution Components(refer to table;above);?;Identify the hardware, software, telecommunications;and facility components needed to implement the proposed technology solution.;?;You should also identify the IT skills and;services that will be needed to implement the project.;?;Also include the Business/Managerial Resources;that will be needed to implement the project.;V.;How the Technology Solution will Improve the Process;Explain how the;specific technology solution you chose will improve the business process.;VI.;Support for Strategy for Competitive Advantage;Use course resources and outside research to identify;how your specific proposed solution will support the strategy for competitive advantage;identified in Stage 1. (Your resources should include more than vendor;resources.);VII.;Model the Processes;Create;two clearly titled and;labeled diagrams that demonstrate;?;the steps in the business process as it exists;today (Model 1: AS IS), and;?;the steps in the business process as it will exist;after the technology solution is applied (Model 2: TO BE).;VIII.;References;Provide at least one external resource;in your paper. An external resource is a resourceother;than those provided in the class or text book.;Incorporate a properly formatted APA citation in the text of your;document. Then, place an APA style;resource on a reference page at the end of your document.;Additional Instructions;Formatting: Stage Two Business Process Analysis;Technology Solution Proposal submission.;For academic writing, the writer is expected to write in the third;person. In third person, the writer avoids the pronouns I, we, my, and our. The;third person is used to make the writing more objective by taking the;individual, the ?self,? out of the writing. This method is very helpful for;academic writing, a form in which facts, not opinion, drive the tone of the;text. Writing in the third person allows the writer to come across as unbiased;and thus more informed.;?;Submit one document that;includes your paper and the models.;?;Write a short concise paper;2-3 double spaced pages of text;?;Use at least one;external resources with APA formatted citation and reference;?;Include a title page and;a reference page.;?;Models should be;professionally formatted in Word, PowerPoint or Excel, and inserted as part of;your WORD document.;?;Compare your work to the;rubric to be sure you have met content and quality criteria.;?;Submit your paper as a;Word document, or a document that can be read in Word.;?;Your submission should;include your last name first in;the filename: Lastname_firstname_Stage;2;Model Notes;?;The process that you;model must be the one you identified in your Stage 1(or the one suggested by the instructor) and it needs to be appropriate to UMUC Haircuts.;?;Give each model the appropriate title;?;Break your model down into sequential steps in;your diagram.;?;Include and label all the major steps in the;process.;?;Cut and paste your;models at the end of your paper in your Word Document.;The "right" and;wrong" answers have to do with whether or not you correctly;incorporated the course vocabulary and concepts from the textbook to support;your choices, and that you address all parts of the assignment. The;specific solution you select for an IT solution is not as important as that it;makes sense in light of the course content.;Note: Be sure to read the instructions for the;remaining projects in this case study (Stages 3-5) to get an understanding of;the future projects that build on the solution.;You want to propose a solution that can be used throughout the case;study assignments.;Please see attcachment


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