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Questions- Answer the following as it pertains to...




Questions- Answer the following as it pertains to the nonprofit organization 1. What is the organization type (i.e. 501 c.)? Define this type of nonprofit. 2. What is your organization mission? 3. Are the organizations activities/program aligned with the mission? Please explain (support with examples). 4. Did the organization initiate any new activity during the year? 5. Summarize the governance related discussion provided in the Form 990. 6. Based on the ?Form 990? does the organization follow good governance practice (transparency, accountability, etc.)? Please explain (support with examples). 7. List the key sources of income. 8. List the key expenses: program, management and fundraising. 9. What was the net asset change for the year? Executive Memorandum: write executive memorandum (1 ?-2 pages, single spaced), which answers why (or why not) you would recommend for your company to make charitable donation to this nonprofit. The executive write-up should be supported by the findings obtained from answering the questions (above). Note: the 1 ?- 2 pages exclude any exhibits built into written analysis.


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