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Saint Leo COM 590- Strategic Planning Information Security -- DQ #2




Question;Select a topic covered in;this module using the Internet and find an article about it that is not;older than six months. Write a brief report about the article;containing a minimum of 250 words and include the relevance of the;article to the module, issues raised, your opinion of the issues (agree;or disagree and why), and recommendation/s (if any). Post it on the;discussion section of the current module and supply the link to the;article using APA citation to share it with your peers.;Write up must be grammatically correct with correct spellings, otherwise you will be penalized for these errors.;Wikipedia is not considered as valid source of reference.;Duplicate;articles are not acceptable, please check before posting the article if;any of your peers has already posted it. Date and time of posting will;be used as proof of posting.;Make sure to place the title of the article or a short description as the title of your thread.Respond to at least;two of the article postings by your peers. In order to get full credit;you must give sufficient detail regarding whether you agree with the;issue/s, problems, solutions, etc. An answer of ?yes, I agree? or ?I do;not agree? will not be acceptable. You must provide good justification;in support of your argument as you would do in any face-to-face;discussion.


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