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IFSM370 Project 5 Final Assessment Paper




Question;IFSM 370 Project 5;Final Assessment Paper Instructions;Introduction;This;is an individual project. Using the case study below, develop a 3 ? 5 page;paper that is well organized and provides specific answers to each part of the;assignment. The document must be complete and demonstrate that you can apply;what you have learned in the course. The deliverable should also demonstrate;that you can meet the course outcomes.;The completed Final Exam;Paper deliverable is due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the due date shown in the;Course Schedule. See the Additional Information section of the syllabus for the;penalty for late or missed assignments and projects.;This;assignment is valued at 15% of the course grade.;Case Study;You;are a consultant working with an architectural firm that has just merged with;another team of architects and construction project managers. The original New;York office housed;?;5 architects;?;3 construction project;managers;?;3 executives and business;managers;?;3 administrative (HR, Finance;Accounting, Sales & Marketing, etc.) staff members, and;?;1 receptionist/office;assistant;When;the merger is completed, there will be five (5) offices located in New York;Miami, San Diego, Seattle, and Las Vegas.;The;combined offices will have;?;17 architects;?;13 construction project;managers;?;7 executives and business;managers;?;12 administrative (HR;Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, etc.) staff members, and;?;5 receptionists/office;assistants.;All;of the managers and staff work in the various offices, but 25 architects and;construction project managers also work remotely when they are at construction;sites located throughout the United States and Canada.;Page;1 of 5;IFSM 370 Project 5;Final Assessment Paper Instructions;When remote, the architects need to be able;to access, download, and upload architectural drawings and the associated documents;on a daily basis. The construction project managers must have real-time access;to all financial and accounting documents, client records and daily schedules.;The CIO has reminded you that they are required to meet Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act;(GLB) and Right to Financial Privacy Act requirements for protecting client;financial information.;You;as a telecommunications/communications consultant, have been asked to design;the telecommunications network to support this new multi-location;company. Others on the team (not you) will develop the;applications and databases.Your task is toidentify the;requirements and design a network solution that will meet those requirements;(including security and privacy requirements).;Page;2 of 5;IFSM 370 Project 5;Final Assessment Paper Instructions;The Deliverable;Define;the requirements and then design an appropriate network that will support the;merged architectural firm. Your paper should;Analyze;the given case and provide a clear set of requirements for the network;solution;Identify;the information that is to be protected and the related security;requirements;Identify the types of network(s);components, devices and equipment that would be involved in meeting the;needs of the stationary offices and the mobile architects and construction;project managers;Provide a network design diagram;that clearly shows an appropriate network configuration to meet the;requirements, with components and locations properly labeled;Explain the;benefits of the proposed network solution;Your;deliverable will be a 3 ? 5 page paper (MS Word document). The page requirement;includes illustrations or diagrams, but does not count the cover page and Works;Cited page.;The;paper is to be prepared using the APA format. At least three (3) professionally;and academically credible external sources (other than the textbook and other materials;provided in the course) must be used, and citations and references must be in;the APA format. The online textbook, course models and other course materials;should be used and referenced using the APA format. Information from your;research should be appropriately incorporated into your written work in your;own words. Extensive use of direct quotes is not permitted.;Use;the Scoring Rubric below to ensure all aspects of the assignment have been;adequately covered. Successful papers will include the bolded rubric attributes;as major section headings.;Page;3 of 5;IFSM 370 Project 5;Final Assessment Paper Instructions;Scoring Rubric;Attribute;Full;points;Partial;points;No;points;Possible;Points;Requirements;Requirements;are;Requirements;lack;Requirements;are;3;Analysis;clearly defined and;definition and/or;not identified and;explained for new;explanation and;explained;multi?location;may be lacking in;accounting firm and;demonstration of;demonstrate an;understanding of;understanding of;the;course concepts;course concepts;analysis, and/or;analysis, and;critical;critical thinking.;thinking.;Information;Client;financial and;Client;financial and;Client;information;3;Protection;business;information;business;and security;Security;that must be;protected;information that;requirements are;not;Requirements;is clearly;identified;must be protected;considered.;along with the;security;and the security;requirements.;requirements are;partially;identified.;Communications;An;appropriate;A;technology;No;technology;2;Technology;technology solution;is;solution is;partially;solution is;provided.;Solution;provided and;appropriate and/or;thoroughly;explained. It;partially;explained.;addresses all;identified;It may only;requirements.;partially address;the requirements.;Network;Communications;Communications;Communications;3;Diagram;component layout is;component layout;component layout is;appropriately;integrated;somewhat;not contained a;in a;network diagram.;appropriately;network;diagram, or;Work demonstrates;integrated into a;is not incorporated;understanding of;network diagram;correctly.;course concepts;work may be;analysis, and;critical;lacking in;thinking.;demonstration of;understanding of;course concepts;analysis, and/or;critical thinking.;Page;4 of 5;IFSM 370 Project 5;Final Assessment Paper Instructions;Attribute;Full;points;Partial;points;No;points;Possible;Points;Benefits;of;Benefits;of proposed;Benefits;of;Benefits;of proposed;2;Proposed;solution are;clearly;proposed solution;solution are not;Solution;explained and are;are partially;included.;compatible with the;explained or only;identified;requirements.;partially consider;Work;demonstrates;the;requirements.;understanding of;Work does not;course concepts;fully demonstrate;analysis, and;critical;understanding of;thinking.;course concepts;analysis, and;critical thinking.;Document;The;document reflects;The;document is;The;document is;2;format;effective;organization;not well-organized;extremely poorly;and correct;sentence;and/or contains;written and does;not;structure, grammar;and;grammar and/or;convey the;spelling, it is;presented;spelling errors, it;information.;in a professional;format;does not contain;it incorporates;appropriate;illustrations or;illustrations or;diagrams, and;diagrams, and/or it;references are;does not follow;appropriately;APA;style for;incorporated and;cited;references and;using APA;style. At;citations. One or;least three;two;professionally and;academically;credible;references a;Total;Points;15;Page;5 of 5


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