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Question;Assignment;1 Instructions;Read the Scenario listed;below and perform the following tasks;(1);Generate;a Requirement Paper to;address the following areas listed below;?;Requirements;List;o Must identify how you came up with the requirements list;o Mapping of your requirements into you CONOP (Concept of;Operation) for the TABLET(s);o Identifying priority one, two, and three (you have to set;up the priorities);o Generate a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS);Scenario;You are a GS-13 civilian;trying to get promoted to a GS-14 position at the Coast Guard Headquarters in;Washington DC. You work directly for Admiral Goodluck who wants to promote you;if you accomplish this task for him.;He wants to utilize a variety;of electronic tablets to access and read e-mail from government web sites;(Note: Coast Guard is dual-hatted ?Department of Defense and Department of;Homeland Security). He has been briefed on a variety of mobile devices;accessing the network but they seemed to be focused on one or two products. How can the Coast Guard stay updated;with the commercial products but make them secure(Unclassified For official Use;only (u/fouo)) to utilize them on government networks)?;You must use quotation marks;and attribute the source right there following APA style. Also be sure to cite;references right there using APA style when you paraphrase the words of others.;Submit this assignment to your Assignment Folder prior to the submission;deadline.;1.;You may;use any resources in addition to the textbook, such as other books, articles;and the Web. You are expected to perform research at the graduate level. You;must, however, do your own work and you may not collaborate with your;classmates.;2.;This paper;shall be five double?spaced pages at a minimum(no maximum limit) not;including bibliography, with one?inch margins and 12?point font.;3.;Following;Format is required for the paper;?;Title;Page;?;Table;of Contents;?;Abstract;?;Contents;(must be a minimum of 5 pages);?;References;4.;Grading;will be based on the following criteria;?;Format -10% (See #3 for instructions);?;Content -70%;o 20%-CONOP;o 20%-;Requirements List;o 10%-Prioritization;o 20%-Functional;Requirement Specification (FRS);?;Writing Skills-20%-How well did you present your;work in the assignment (Professor Bonner?s Subjective Skills)


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