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Devry CIS407 iLab 4 of 7: Web forms with database interaction




Question;CIS 407 iLab 4 of 7: Web forms with database interactionSTEP 1: Data Layer (10 points)STEP 2: Data Display and Search (10 points)if (!Page.IsPostBack) {// Declare the DataSetdsPersonnel dsPersonnel(),// Fill the dataset with what is returned from the function(Server.MapPath("PayrollSystem_DB.mdb")),// Set the DataGrid to the DataSource based on the table,// Bind the DataGridgrdViewPersonnel.DataBind(),}STEP 3: Test and submit (10 points)Run your project and test it as follows: The frmMain form should be displayed first (set this form as your start page).Click on the Add New Employee hyperlink to go to the frmPersonnel data entry form. Click the View Personnel button on this form. The frmViewPersonnel form should be displayed in the browser, but at this point, there should not be any personnel listed (because you haven't entered any yet). Use the Back button in your web browser to return to the frmPersonnel form and enter some personnel data, similar to the following:Now click the Submit button. The frmPersonnelVerified form should be displayed, showing the data you entered, and you should get a message saying that the data was successfully saved, like this:Finally, click the View Personnel data button on this form. The frmViewPersonnel form should be displayed and should show the personnel record you just entered, retrieved from the database, like this:You also should be able to view the employee records by clicking the link on the home page.Test the search feature and make sure that entering no search string returns all the data and that typing in a last name will return all employees with the same last name.


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