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The Test Your design (TYD) information should be included




Question;Submission consists of a Cover sheet plus three (and only three) deliverables: Formal written report, Presentation and Application (Excel/Access or HTML files)Scenario-based:? Assume that you are a consultant doing this for your livelihood.? All answers and discussion must be provided in the context of the scenario? Do not include any reference to the course, the professor, the university, or anything except yourself and the person to whom the deliverables are addressed (except on the cover sheet).? Do not refer to the owner/manager of the business in the third person in the report or presentationThe answers to all of the questions in the case, including the Test Your Design (TYD) questions, should be in the report.The Test Your design (TYD) information should be included in your calculations and reports. Remember, you are testing the design before you submit the application to the client so the version submitted to the client (Application tool, Report and Presentation) will have these values included.Hint: each case study has a ?Skills Check? section at the beginning of the case. Check your submission to ensure that it appropriately reflects the ?Skills Check? section of the case study. If it does not, you may have missed something.The notes page on each slide of the Presentation must contain the talking points that you would use to discuss the slide in an actual oral presentation. Since we are not giving oral presentations, this is the only material I have available to assess what you would say as part of the presentation. When reviewing the sample PPT slides, make sure that you that you go over the notes pages as well as the content on the slides.


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