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Saint Leo COM 540 - Disaster Recovery Management - ***MIDTERM*** 40 QUESTIONS




Question;1) The;is an investigation and assessment of the impact that various attacks can;have on the organization.2) A(n);is prepared by the organization to anticipate, react to, and recover from;events that threaten the security of information and information assets in the;organization, and, subsequently, to restore the organization to normal modes of;business operations.3) The;first and foremost part of ______ if the identification and collection of;evidentiary material without damage or modification of its content.4);of risk is the choice to do nothing to protect a vulnerability, and to accept;the outcome of its exploitation.5) An __________ is a detailed set of processes and;procedures that anticipate, detect, and mitigate;the effects of an unexpected event that might compromise information resources;and assets.6) In CP, an event that threatens the security;of an organization?s information is called a(an)____.7) The ____ is the;period of time within which systems, applications, or functions must be;recovered after an outage.8) ?______ is the coherent application of;methodical investigatory techniques to solve crime cases.9) The violation of fair use of copyright materials;is an example of a(n) ____10) The physical damage or destruction of;organizational assets is an example of a(n) ____.11) The threat of;corruption can occur while information is being stores or transmitted.;is prevention of that corruption.12)?____ should include;scenarios depicting a typical attack, including its methodology, indicators of;an attack, and broad consequences.13) A(n) ____ is an;indication that a system has just been attacked or continues to be under;attack.14)_______is the;process of moving the organization toward its vision.


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