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Question;Chapter 1, Multimedia ProjectScreenshots can be useful tools for learning, documentation, and troubleshooting. Any time you need to show someone what?s displayed on your computer screen, you can press the Print Screen (PrtScr) key, which stores a copy of the screen into memory. On a Mac, hold down the Command (Apple) key while you press the Shift key and the 3 key. From there, you can paste the screenshot into a document you?re creating with a word processor. You can also paste it into a graphics program, such as Microsoft Paint, and then edit it. For this project, take a screenshot and paste it into a Word document. Under the screenshot, enter a description of the software and the purpose of the screen you captured.Throughout this class, you will complete a number of Hands-On Projects which will serve to reinforce the ideas of the module. Since doing is learning, these will include such activities as creating a spreadsheet to investigate character codes and binary numbers, creating a simple HTML document using Notepad and Paint, using Trace-route to investigate local Internet topology, and creating a digital media files. A PDF containing the requirements for this assignment can be found in Doc Sharing.During this module, you will complete the following project:? Excel Binary Numbers - Learn to manipulate binary numbers and investigate ASCII codes using functions built into Microsoft Excel?Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later thanmodul 2Chapter 2, Resume Builder ProjectUse the Web and other resources to learn about the computers and other digital technologies used in your career field or a profession of interest to you. Develop the information you find into a format similar to the Technology in Context section of each chapter in the textbook. Make sure you select two photos to accompany your narrative and include a list of relevant Web links to additional resources.Chapter 2, Critical Thinking ProjectSteve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., coined the idea that computers should be consumer appliances like toasters that could be set up easily, used by anyone, and ?democratically priced? so they are affordable to everyone. An opposing philosophy, championed by many PC owners, is that computers should be flexible modular systems that can be easily customized, upgraded, and modified by anyone with a moderate degree of technical savvy. Which philosophy do you personally prefer? What do you think is the preference of the majority of computer shoppers? If you were a computer designer, how would you provide your customers with flexibility while making it approachable for non-techies? Incorporate your ideas in a one-page paper you will submit to the appropriate Dropbox basket. mod 3Create a proposal document and annotated bibliography (at least four references) for your Term Paper. Please see the Term Paper guideline document and sample proposal document in Doc Sharing. Model your proposal using those documentsHave you heard about the ?24-hour rule? for software that says you can legally use any software for free for 24 hours without paying for it? How about your right to use so-called abandoned software that?s no longer supported or that was created by a company now out of business? Both the 24-hour rule and the concept of abandoned software are urban legends and have no basis in copyright law. Does it seem to you that most people don?t have the facts about copyrights? How strong a factor is that in the proliferation of software piracy? What are your thoughts about the connection between knowing the copyright rules and following them? Put your thoughts in order, write them up, and submit to the appropriate Dropbox basket.In the Critical Thinking project (you will write a one-page statement of your opinions about some common misconceptions regarding copyright and software, especially in light of the core value of respect.Chapter 3, Resume BuilderUse the Web and other resources to compile a list of the software used in your current or future career field. Are there standard packages that job applicants should know how to use? If so, what can you find out about those packages on the Web? If your career field does not use any standard software packages, explain why you think that is the case. Also, make a list of the software packages you?re familiar with. As you consider your school and career goals for the next year, list at least five additional software packages you would like to learn. Explain why they would be helpful. Submit your lists to the appropriate Dropbox basket.module 4Computers are used worldwide, but most of the major operating systems originated in English-speaking countries. Take a look at the operating system that you use in the context of global users who might not speak English and who might not have grown up with Western customs. Describe at least five aspects of your operating system that would have to be modified to be acceptable to global users.In the Globalization project (, you will consider the effects of language on operating system interfaces. Additionally, you will make at least five suggestions for improvement in light of the Saint Leo core values of community and respect.Submit this assignment to the DropboxMODULE 4 Critical Thinking ProjectThink about the ways you typically interact with a computer and how the operating system factors into that interaction. What aspects of the operating system do you like? Which aspects could be improved? Organize your thoughts into an annotated list and submit to the appropriate Dropbox basket.In the Critical Thinking project, you will write an annotated list evaluating operating system features, including your suggestions as to the aspects you like and those you would like to see improved.mod 5Chapter 5, Globalization ProjectThe model for telecommunications in most technologically advanced countries depends on large telecommunications corporations for telephone and Internet access. Can you envision ways in which people in technologically underdeveloped countries could benefit from inexpensive LAN and WLAN technologies? Jot down your initial thoughts, and then search the Web for additional ideas. Write a one-page executive summary that describes your ideas.In the Globalization project (), you are going to write about using low cost technologies to connect underprivileged people. While you are reflecting on this before writing, please take into consideration our Saint Leo core value of responsible stewardship.Chapter 5, Critical Thinking ProjectWireless technology has become quite pervasive. Not only are computing devices wireless, but most people have other devices, such as security systems, baby monitors, and entertainment systems, that could be wirelessly networked. Play the role of a futurist and think about the ultimate wireless home. Sketch out floor plans and show how you would set up wireless devices, including wireless access points.mod 6Chapter 6, Critical Thinking Project="5">?The Internet treats censorship like damage and routes around it.? Do you agree with this observation? Does it seem like the Internet-similar to banned books, music, videos, and satellite dishes-has a way of infiltrating even the most repressive societies? Does this tendency make censorship more tolerable in the short run?Chapter 6, Resume Builder ProjectThe Internet provides resources for career development. Think about your ideal job and make a table that lists (in the first column) the top ten qualifications and skills you?ll need to be a successful applicant. In the second column, indicate whether you currently possess each qualification or skill. For those you need to develop in the future, indicate how you plan to obtain them (for example, from a college course, on-the-job-training, or self-paced study). Find out if you can develop any of these skills and qualifications using online resource, such as online courses. Provide addresses for any Internet resources that you find.In the Resume Builder project, you will create a list of job skills you believe that you will need and find resources, including online resources, to help you learn them.Submit this assignmmod 7Chapter 7, Critical Thinking ProjectIn this chapter you read about some of the pitfalls of shopping online. Reflect on what you read within the context of your own online usage habits. What aspects of your online activities could you change to become more secure, more private, or more efficient? What do you have to give up to get these benefits? Is it worth it to you? Incorporate your thoughts in a one-page summary. Follow your instructor?s guidelines for submission.In the Critical Thinking project (click), you will think about and address some of the dangers of shopping online. Incorporate your answers to the questions posed in the text in a one-page document.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDTYour Term Paper will be completed in this module. Hopefully this has been a rewarding experience and you have used the opportunity to investigate some aspects of computers and digital technology about which you have been curious.Please ensure that you kept the University?s policies about citations and plagiarism in mind and that all of your citations and works cited section are in order. In the event that the instructor asked for any corrections in this area, please make sure you complied in order to avoid issues with the Academic Standards Committee.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (The Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)Chapter 7, Resume Builder Project="4">Many companies have a Web site that provides information about their products and services. Use a search engine to locate a company in your career field. Suppose you are a recruiter for that company and you?ll be attending a series of college career fairs. Create a one-page information flyer that you can hand out to prospective recruits. The flyer should include:? The company name, URL, and physical location(s)? A brief description of the company?s mission, products, and services? Instructions on how to submit a resume electronicallyIn the Resume Builder project (click), you will research a company in your intended career and create a recruiting flyer. Researching potential employers and their recruiting strategies is good practice for your post-graduation job hunt. Incorporate your answers to the required items as a one-page informational flyer.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.mod 8Please write a one-page essay examining one of the issues discussed in this class through the lens of the Saint Leo core value of integrity.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)As a final culmination of your work this term, you will prepare and submit an eight to ten slide PowerPoint? presentation on your Term Paper. Additional requirements for the presentation are on the PowerPoint Specs document found in Doc Sharing.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.Chapter 8, Multimedia ProjectUse Windows Sound Recorder or similar software to record your own 15-second radio ad for your favorite music or video download service. Submit the text of your script along with the.wav file containing your ad.In the Multimedia project (clickHERE), you will experiment with recording digital sound. Surprisingly few people in the population at large have done this. Be sure to submit the text of your script as well as the.wav file containing your ad.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT


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