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CS110B Assignment: Poker HandWrite a program that reads




Question;CS110B Assignment: Poker Hand Write a program that reads five cards from the user, then analyzes the cards and prints out the category of hand that they represent. Poker hands are categorized according to the following labels: Straight flush, four of a kind, full house, straight, flush, three of a kind, two pairs, pair, high card. To simplify the program we will ignore card suits, and face cards. The values that the user inputs will be integer values from 2 to 9. When your program runs it should start by collecting five integer values from the user. It might look like this (user input is in orange for clarity): Enter five numeric cards, no face cards. Use 2 - 9.You must write a function for each hand type. Each function should accept an int array as a parameter. You can assume that the array will have five elements. The functions should have the following signatures:bool containsPair(int hand[])bool containsTwoPair(int hand[])bool containsThreeOfaKind(int hand[])bool containsStraight(int hand[])bool containsFullHouse(int hand[])bool containsFourOfaKind(int hand[])


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