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Question;Project Description;Back to Top;The importance of a graphical user interface in programming is paramount;in being successful in the business industry. This project incorporates;GUI techniques with other tools that you have learned about in this;class.;Here is your assignment: You work for a Landscape architect. They have;asked you to be a part of their team as they need a computer programmer;analyst, and designer to aid them in calculating engineering;specification. Specifically, you have been assigned to the Pools, Hot;Tubs, and Spas section of their landscaping team. Your skills will be;needed in creating a GUI program that calculates engineering;specifications.;This assignment is due in Week 7, but it is suggested that you begin;working on the project in Week 5, which should give you ample time to;complete the project. You will find that all the lectures, Quick Test;Programs, and Lab assignments will prepare you for the Course Project.;Analysis and Design (Due Week 4);Back to Top;In Week 4, you will complete the analysis and design for the project.;You will use the information described in the required reading to create;the Analysis and Design documentation. You will create the following;items.;Request for New Application;Problem Analysis;List and Description of the Requirements;Interface Storyboard/Drawing;Design Flowchart or Pseudocode;The Analysis and Design document will be a single MS Word document;which contains all descriptions and drawings. See the grading rubric;below for the Analysis and Design document, due in Week 4.;Item;Points;Description;Request for New Application;2.5;A table containing: date of the request, name of the requester, the;purpose of the request, the title of the application, brief description;of the algorithms used in the application, notes about the request, and;finally, the approval section.;Problem Analysis;2.5;Analyze the problem to be solved and write in a few words what is the problem and what is being proposed to solve the problem.;List and Description of Requirements;5;A description of the items that will be implemented in order to construct the proposed solution.;Interface Storyboard / Drawing;5;A picture or drawing of what the application will look like, must;include the image of each section of the application in detail.;Design Flowchart or Pseudocode;5;A sketch of the flow of the application or the pseudocode of the application.;Subtotal;20;User's Manual (Due Week 7 along with the Course Project program);Back to Top;Your actual Course Project and User's Manual are due at the end;of Week 7, however, it is strongly recommended that you start your;project in Week 5 to avoid many last minute issues.;In Week 7 you will be required to submit a User Manual as well as your;Java code. The User Manual can be a simple Word document, with;screenshots, that explains how to run your application. Your mark will;depend both on the program quality, and the quality of the User's;Manual.;Here are some more detailed guidelines about the User's Manual;It does not need to be long, probably not more than 10 pages, including screenshots.;Write at the expected user's level, not too technical.;Detail all the functionality that the application provides. Best, structure your presentation top-down way.;For each function, show what is its purpose and sample execution, with a screenshot.;Minimum Requirements for the Java Program(s) (Due Week 7);Back to Top;This example would be the bare minimum to obtain a passing grade (no more than a 70%).;After each calculation, the collected information and the calculated;volume will be saved into a file. You will then add a function to;retrieve the input and calculation history from the file and display it;on the screen.;Sample Extended Requirements;Back to Top;The following screenshots provide a sample of what is possible and could;lead to a project worth the maximum grade of 100%. Something to think;about! Do not think this is what you have to do to get the maximum;number of points. It is just a sample! You are only bound by your;programming ability. Please do not try and do more than you are capable;of. Think, plan, design and code YOUR project. This is your opportunity;to show off your skills!;Course Project Interface;The following document gives some specifics about what is expected in your Course Project.Course Project Examples;Grading Rubrics;Back to Top;The following grading rubrics are provided for each major phase of the Course Project.;1. User's Manual;Points;Description;Sufficient length to describe the application;4;Manual contains explanation in detail of all relevant areas of the application;Contains screen shots of the key interface components;4;Images of each section of the application;Operations are explained;4;Detailed operation of each section of the application;Written to the user's level and is not technical;4;Must not contain code or any other technical items irrelevant to the users;Analysis and design contain sufficient detail to begin construction;4;Application analysis and design contains enough details about the application;Subtotal;20;2. Minimum Requirements;Points;Description;Standard header included;2;Must contain program's name, student name, and description of the program;Program compiles;2;Program does not have any error;Program executes;2;Program runs without any error;Created main form;3;Main method exists;Created length label;3;Length label;Created length textbox;3;Length input text box;Created width label;3;Width label;Created width textbox;3;Width input text box;Created depth label;3;Depth label;Created depth textbox;3;Depth input text box;Created volume label;3;Volume label;Created volume textbox;3;Volume input text box. Make sure this field is read only.;Created Calculate button;3;Calculate Volume button;Created Calculate button event handler;3;Code to handle the Calculate Volume button. Must handle non-numeric input and null input.;Created Exit button;3;Exit button;Created Exit button event handler;3;Code to handle the Exit button. Must exit the application and terminate the program.;Correct output is displayed;10;When values are entered, the correct results are shown. If no values or;non-numeric values are entered, the proper error message should display.;Subtotal;55;3. Extended Requirements;Points;Description;Included at least two additional tabs;5;There must be two or more additional tabs as shown under the Course Project Interface document.;Each operation is implemented in its own class;10;Each button and/or text field event handler code must be implemented in its own class.;Extended operations and classes work as expected;10;The implemented extra tabs must work as expected.;Subtotal;25;Course Project Total;Points;Description;Complete Project;100;User's Manual, Pools tab, and Extended Requirements


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