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Question;Which type of software alters a devices user interface to;aid individuals with physical challenges, by creating as accessible environment;by providing closed captions, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, or large screen;text?;Adaptive Utilities;Compilers;Desktop Publishing;Groupware;Spreadsheet;Question 2. Question;Which are the two main classes;of software?;Compilers and Utilities;Productivity and Games;System and Application;System and Network;Utilities and Application;Question 3. Question;Which type of application;software are Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, and OpenOffice Calc?;Database;Presentation Software;Spreadsheet;Word Processor;Web Browser;Question 4. Question;In database terminology, which;term refers to all of the data for a specific, single entity - a person, place;thing or event?;Database;Field;Form;Query;Record;Question 5. Question;Which term refers to placing a;program into a computer so it can be run on?;Downloading;Installation;Jail Breaking;Rooting;Uploading;Question 6. Question;Which type of file is designed;to be started by the user or automatically launched by an operating system?;Assembler File;Configuration File;Data File;Executable File (Exe);Object File;Question 7. Question;Which is the official term for;software which has been illegally copied, distributed, or modified?;Cracked Software;Freeware;Highjacked Software;Gasparillaware;Pirated Software;Question 8. Question;Which type of software license;allows the software to be used on all computers at a specified location?;Multiple-User License;Shrink Wrap License;Single User License;Site License;Unlimited Local License;Question 9. Question;Which software tool is used to;conceal malware and backdoors that have been installed on a computer?;Bot;Rootkit;Virus;Worm;Zombie;Question 10. Question;Which term refers to a file;that contains suspicious code, typically resembling a virus signature, which;has been encrypted and moved so that it cannot be inadvertently opened or;accessed by a hacker?;Bot File;Isolated File;Quarantined File;Root Kit;Secured Threat File;Question 11. Question;According to the textbook;what is the cash value of pirated software to date?;$53 Million;$530 Million;$5.3 Billion;$53 Billion;$530 Billion;Question 12. Question;Which reporter converted an;M-88 tank into a high tech mobile news room to cover Operation Iraqi Freedom;but died during the conflict?;Arthur Miller;David Bloom;Ethel Gahwhiler;Jeff Raucher;Irving L. Levine


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