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Question;Which term refers to the operating system process and memory;management that allows two or more tasks, jobs, or programs to run;simultaneously?;Coordinating;Exclusivity;Logistics Control;Mutli-tasking;Non-Conflicting Allocation;Question 2. Question;Which term refers to the time between when the coputer is;first turned on and the time it is ready to accept commands?;Cold Start Process;Boot Up Process;Ignition Process;Start Up Process;Wake Up Cycle;Question 3. Question;Which operating system was released for free use under a GPL;(General Public License) in 1991 and is loosely based upon a UINX derived;operating system?;Android OS;DOS (Disk Operating System);Linux;Mac OS X;Windows 7;Question 4. Question;Which operating system was specifically designed for the;Apple Macintosh line of computers and is based on the UNIX operating system?;Android OS;DOS (Disk Operating System);Linux;Mac OS X;Windows 7;Question 5. Question;Which term refers to the suffix at the end of a file name;following the period, which is normally used to specify the file type, in;Windows?;File Class;File Extension;File Identifier;File Suffix;File Tag;Question 6. Question;Which term refers to the top level directory on a disk or;drive, such as "C:\" or "E:\"?;Drive Directory;Mother Directory;Root Directory;Super Directory;Tree Directory;Question 7. Question;Which technique for writing an optical disc such as a CD;DVD, or BD, allow recording to be done in multiple sessions?;Disc Mastering;Incremental;Burning;Packet Writing;Disc Ripping;Stamping;Question 8. Question;Which type utility software protects confidentiality by;overwriting supposed empty disk sectors from deleted files with random 0's and;1's.?;Backup Utility;Disk Defragmenter;File Shredder Software;File Sector Editor;Net Nanny;Question 9. Question;Which type of backup makes a fresh copy of all files specified;to be backed up?;Differential Backup;Full Backup;Incremental Backup;Restore Disk;Restore Point;Question 10. Question;Which term refers to a bit-by-bit copy of all data from all;sectors of a hard disk?;Disk Image;Full Backup;Incremental Backup;Restore Disk;Restore Point;Question 11. Question;Robert Morris, who released a worn which brought down the;ARPANET in 1988, received which sentence for this crime?;None;400 hours of community service and $10,000;fine;5 years probation and $10,000 fine;10 years in prison;15 years to life in prison;Question 12. Question;Which term refers to an irresistible or web site containing;fake information that allows investigators to monitor hackers until;identification is possible?;Bait;Bear Trap;Fly Trap;Honey Pot;Siren


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