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Question;How many bits are in a current (IPv4) IP address?;2;16;32;128;1,024;Points Received: 10 of 10;Comments;Question 2. Question;Which type of Internet Access links your computer to an ISP;from a stationary point, such as a wall socket or roof mounted antenna?;Fixed Access;Integrated Access;Mobil Access;Portable Access;Simplex Access;Points Received: 10 of 10;Comments;Question 3. Question;Which type of fixed Internet Connection has the longest;latency?;Cable;Dial Up;DSL;ISDN;Satellite;Question 4. Question;Which type of fixed Internet Connection is NOT always on?;Cable;DSL;ISDN;Satellite;WiMAX;Question 5. Question;Which level of cell phone service allows users to view;simplified versions of some popular web pages, but not the all pages nor full;pages?;Analog;1G;2G;Mobile Broadband;WAP;Points Received: 0 of 10;Comments;Question 6. Question;Which level of cell phone service is needed to access the;full versions of all web pages?;Analog;1G;2G;Mobile Broadband;WAP;Points Received: 10 of 10;Comments;Question 7. Question;Which type of application is specifically created to aid;with the transfer of large numbers of files by FTP?;Encryption Application;FTP Client;FTP Server;Instant Messenger;Web Browser;Points Received: 10 of 10;Comments;Question 8. Question;Which term refers to the concept of using local devices to;access applications, storage, and other computing resources supplied by;Internet-based servers, rather than from their local devices?;Cloud Computing;Distributed Computing;Net Retrieval;Parallel Processing;Remote Storage;Points Received: 0 of 10;Comments;Question 9. Question;Which type of IP Address can be used to route packets on the;Internet at large?;General IP Address;Loopback IP Address;Private IP Address;Routable IP Address;Untranslatable IP Address;Question 10. Question;Which of the following ranges are NOT private IP Addresses?; to; to; to; to;Points Received: 10 of 10;Comments;Question 11. Question;The government of which country was recently overthrown;through the use of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs?;Albania;Canada;Egypt;Mexico;United States;Question 12. Question;According to the textbook, how much does it cost to;purchase, install, and operate an ATM for one year?;$500;$5,000;$50,000;$500,000;$5,000,000


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