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SAINT COM203 MODULE 7 Resume Builder Project




Question;Chapter 7, Resume Builder ProjectMany companies have a Web site that provides information about their products and services. Use a search engine to locate a company in your career field. Suppose you are a recruiter for that company and you?ll be attending a series of college career fairs. Create a one-page information flyer that you can hand out to prospective recruits. The flyer should include:? The company name, URL, and physical location(s)? A brief description of the company?s mission, products, and services? Instructions on how to submit a resume electronicallyIn the Resume Builder project (click), you will research a company in your intended career and create a recruiting flyer. Researching potential employers and their recruiting strategies is good practice for your post-graduation job hunt. Incorporate your answers to the required items as a one-page informational flyer.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.="color:>


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