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Question;Chapter 8, Critical Thinking ProjectCopyright laws are changing as digital sound, image, and video technologies evolve and become easier to use. Although the courts seem to clearly hold that it is illegal to copy media for profit, they are not as clear about the acceptability of modifications. For example, video editing software makes it relatively simple for people to clip out parts of movies they find objectionable for themselves or their children to watch. Should it be legal to do so for personal use? What if an organization wanted to rent out such edited copies? What if DVD players and movies were set up so that the devices would edit and display the revised version on the fly? After you consider your own opinion, you might check the Web to see the latest information about this issue.In the Critical Thinking project (click), you are to analyze the ethics and legality of individuals editing media.Submit this assignment to the Dropboxno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.="color:>


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