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SAINT Com424 module 3 and module 4 discussions




Question;Module 3 Discussion1. Why should you create a stakeholder analysis if it is not a part of the formal project plan? How would you create one?2. Many information technology project managers come from senior technical positions. What can you do to help them transition into a project management role?3. When do you need a person with a strong technical background to lead a project? When do you need someone with a strong business background? What other types of people might make good project managers in different situations?Module 4 Discussion1. Why is project scope management so challenging in IT projects?2. What suggestions do you have for preventing scope creep in projects?3. Why is it difficult to find good examples of work breakdown structure (WBS)? If you do find a good example from a similar project, why can't you just adopt it "as is" in a new project?


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