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SAINT Com424 module 7 and module 8 discussions




Question;Module 7 Discussion1. Discuss the opening case. Did Sarah demonstrate appropriate behavior? Why or why not?2. Do you think everyone can easily be a team player? What types of people have more difficulty being team players? What helps promote good team player behavior?3. What do you think is more important for a good IT professional: strong technical skills or strong people skills?4. The concept of a communications management plan makes logical sense, yet many projects do not create or follow this type of plan. Why do you think this is the case?5. Which skills do you think are more important for information technology project managers to possess at various points in their careers: strong technical skills or strong communications skills?Module 8 Discussion1. Read the opening and closing cases. What would you do if you were Cliff? What would you do if you worked for Cliff?2. Do you think many organizations use probability/impact matrixes? What about sensitivity analysis or simulation? When does it make sense to use each tool?3. Do you think project managers should strive to make their jobs look easy? Justify your answer.4. Why do you think that many books and people do not spend much discussing the topic of procurement management?5. Some experts recommend working with preferred vendors even if their prices are higher than other vendors. Why do you think this is the case?


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