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Question;Module 1 DiscussionOften people treat the terms Information Systems(IS) and Information Technology(IT) as one in the same. There is a distinct difference between the two terms, explain the difference between them.Module 2 DiscussionThis week we are talking about data and how it is represented in a computer system. Explain how data is represented and processed within a computer system.Module 3 DiscussionExplain what the different buses are in a computer system and their relationship to the CPUModule 4 DiscussionThisweek we are discussing Input/Output devices. Every computer system requires input and produces output. List and explain and many different input and output devices as you can think of.Module 5 DiscussionNetworking is essential for the proliferation of the global infrastructure that exists today. Explain the difference between LAN, MAN and WANModule 6 DiscussionComputers use two basic categories of software "System Software" and "Application Software" explain the differences between these two types of software and give specific examples.Module 7 DiscussionEnd Users have a lot of control over the definition and structure of there own folder structures and file types. Explain what file and folder structure you use for school purposes.Module 8 DiscussionSystem Administrators play a vital role in the support of Information Systems. There are many different types of System Administrators in business organizations. Compare and contrast two of theses.


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