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this is my assignment in my IT class, it is in Cygwin




Question;this is my assignment in my IT class, it is in Cygwin:The ability of one command to send the output it generates to the input of a second command is a very important concept for the UNIX environment.Describe the concepts of filters, pipes, and redirection and explain how and what the following commands are trying to accomplish (if some commands are not yet familiar, you can describe the overall process of each step):ls /etc | grep conf | grep -v "." | sort > ~/confcat /etc/passwd | awk -F":" '{print $1}' | sort >> ~/users 2>&1The deliverable for the assignment should include the following:Description of filters (including the 3 standard files every filter uses)Description of pipesDescription of redirectionExplanation of the 2 commands abovePlease submit your assignment.


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