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Question;Question 1;You currently work for an automotive parts supply;store. Your company is growing, and is considering expansion. The company;currently has three locations (North, South, and Central) in one state, and;wants to consider expanding within the same state. You have been presented with;the sales figures for the last three years for each of your locations. Based on;this information, you?re tasked with analyzing current sales.;You have decided to compare the performance of the;three stores to get a better idea of where expansion might be most beneficial.;Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task.;A - (TCO 9) The data has been provided to you in one.csv file showing weekly sales for all three stores for the last three years.;Explain the tasks you must complete in preparing the data for your analysis.;B - (TCO 2);Explain, based on material covered in this class, your approach to setting up;your worksheet and organizing the data. Remember that you have only weekly;sales totals for each store in the data.;C - (TCO 3);Explain how you will visually represent the comparison of the total annual;sales at the individual stores for each of the three years. Describe methods to;make your strongest performer (the North store) stand out.;D - (TCO 7) Once you have finished the above;tasks, your Excel workbook will be placed on your company server so that all of;the managers can view it. You know that they may have questions regarding your;work, and want them to know that you created the workbook so that they can;contact you. Describe how you will convey the information regarding worksheet;creation. (Points: 40)Question 2;You own your;own small party supply and rental business. You maintain an Excel list of;potential customers and clients who have rented or purchased from you in the;past two years. The list includes both physical mailing addresses and e-mail;addresses for each person listed. You have a category code to show whether the;contact is a client. If they have done business with you, they show a code of;CUST for customer. If they are potential customers who have not yet purchased;or rented from you, they are coded as PROS for prospect.;You want to grow your business, and feel the best;way to do this is to solicit business from your prospects who have physical;addresses in the same zip code as your business location. Respond fully to the;following questions regarding this task;A - (TCO 4) Explain how you will use Excel to find;in your list the people you are targeting for new business. Be specific.;B - (TCO 8);You have used your computer skills to develop and print a beautiful flyer, and;you intend to mail it to your prospects. However, you dread hand addressing the;envelopes. Explain how you might use Excel to make this go faster.;C - (TCO 7);If you get the results you expect to get from contacting your prospects, you;want to be able to do this every month. Explain how you might use Excel to;automate the process of separating your list as you did in Part A.;D - (TCO 6) Your;list is extensive, and mailing letters is expensive. Cost is $15 for every 50;letters mailed. You want to gauge the impact on your income statement of;mailing 50, 100, 200, and 400 letters. Explain how you might evaluate this;using your Excel tools. (Points: 40)Question 3;Your company;is planning a party for employees, and you have been asked to set up a;spreadsheet to track the attendees and to calculate the associated cost. Each;employee is allowed to bring one guest to the party. There are 50 employees in;your company. The spreadsheet needs to be set up when the invitations are;distributed so that you can begin recording the reservations as soon as they;come in.;The costs of;the party are the same for every attendee. When the employees respond, you want;to add their names to the list. If they are not coming, you want this recorded.;If they are coming alone, the cost is $45. If they are bringing a guest, the;cost is $45 X 2. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task;A - (TCO 1) Explain how you will structure your;worksheet, including the titles, column headings, the formulas to calculate the;cost for each employee (which may include cost for a guest), and to calculate;the total cost of the party.;B - (TCO 2) The facility where the party is to be;held will give the company a reduction in price if more than 75 people attend.;The price per person will then be $40. Describe how you will set up your;worksheet to reflect a change when the total number of attendees hits 75.;C - (TCO 4) You want the employees who are going to;attend to show up on the list with a yellow background. Explain the method you;would use to have this automatically occur when you indicate the employees;response.;D - (TCO 4);You know your management team will want to periodically check to see who is;attending. They are not concerned with those who have responded but are not;attending. Explain how you might generate this list as requested using your;knowledge of Excel. (Points: 40)Question 4;You?ve just;joined the staff of the XYZ Manufacturing Company (XYZ, for short). XYZ manufactures;only one product the gizmo. It comes in two sizes, the mini-gizmo and the;magna-gizmo. Both are difficult to manufacture, and consequently, the company;closely monitors rejected units. The company has three locations each of which;produces both the mini and the magna-gizmos. You are automating the weekly;production reports so that you can easily calculate total production for the;entire company each week.;The mini-gizmo is priced at $5 per unit. The;magna-gizmo is priced at $8 per unit. The unit cost for a reject mini-gizmo is;$2. The cost for a reject magna-gizmo is $3. Respond fully to the following;questions regarding this task;A - (TCO 1) You have decided to develop a worksheet;for each manufacturing facility manager to submit each week. It should show;total production and revenue, and total scrap and cost for each product for the;week. If a facility drops below 5,000 units of production on the mini-gizmo;the production number should be highlighted in yellow. Explain how you will set;this up so that the managers enter only the number of units for each products;production and rejects.;B - (TCO 5);The managers will e-mail their weekly reports to you on Monday of the following;week. You will then produce the summary report. Explain the process for doing;this. Give a sample formula to total the number of magna-gizmos produced for;the entire company for the week.;C - (TCO 5) Each week, you will present the combined;report to your boss, who wants to see both the summary and the individual;sheets for each location. You want to add a custom footer with the date and the;company name to each page. What is the easiest way to do this? Explain the;process.;D - (TCO 3) Describe the graph that you would create;to accompany the report in Part C. Include formatting considerations to make;important facts stand out. (Points: 40)5. Fact Pattern: Question 5;Congratulations on your new position as loan;officer at the Commercial Bank and Trust Company. You are dedicated to building;long-term relationships with your clients, and you want to be able to answer;their questions quickly if they call after obtaining a loan. The banks system;is a little slow, so you have started your own list of information frequently;needed by your client. You are aware that it is extremely important that the;customers information be protected.;You process;home mortgage loans for the banks customers. The interest rate varies depending;on the term of the note. The bank writes mortgages for 10, 15, 20, and 30;years. Once you know the term, you use the associated rate to calculate the;loan payment. You then store the customers information including the payment;date and the payment amount in your list for quick reference. Respond fully to;the following questions regarding this task;A - (TCO 2) You have set up an Excel worksheet to;determine the loan payment. It is set up so that you enter the term of the;note, and it finds and returns the correct interest rate. Then, you enter the;interest rate and other required information to get the actual payment.;Describe the Excel tools used for these tasks, and the information required to;obtain the payment.;B - (TCO 10) You know that your list of information;on the loans will quickly become very long. As these are long-term loans, the;information will not change a lot, but it is important that it remain;confidential. You want to be able to pull up an individual record by street;address and zip code, or by phone number. A friend has suggested that you build;your list in Access. What would be the benefit of doing this, particularly in;the banking environment? Would this meet your needs?;C - (TCO 10);You want to use the Access form wizard to create an input form for your list.;Describe the process of creating the form, and the special tools you might use;to make it easier to use and less prone to errors.;D - (TCO 10);You have decided that you would like to be able to pull a list of your clients;with high interest rates if the rates fall enough to make refinancing;attractive. Explain how you would obtain a list of loans with interest rates;greater than a specific percentage, and then print the information for your use;in making these calls. Be specific! (Points: 40)Fact Pattern: Question 1;You currently work for an automotive parts supply;store. Your company is growing, and is considering expansion. The company;currently has three locations (North, South, and Central) in one state, and;wants to consider expanding within the same state. You have been presented with the sales;figures for the last three years for each of your locations. Based on this;information, you?re tasked with analyzing current sales.;You have decided to investigate the trend in sales;over the past three years. Respond fully to the following questions regarding;this task


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