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Kaplan CS204 unit 9 assignment




Question;In this course you have learned about professional presence in your desired field. Now it is time to look at what you have learned and how you will proceed as a professional.Assignment InstructionsClickhereto take the Self-Assessment Survey again. Compare the information you recorded in the Unit 1Journal with your results from Unit 1 and how you feel now.Using your PowerPoint Presentation from Unit 4, add five additional slides to your presentation that cover the five areas listed below. Be sure to look at areas of how you look at:Lifelong professionalism and how you will maintain your imageShort-term goals and how you will develop a plan to meet themLong-term goals and how you will develop a plan to meet themEducation plans to maintain your marketabilityAny other aspects regarding your professionalism and how you see yourselfAssignment FormatPowerPoint Presentation from Unit 4 with five additional slides that cover the five areas listed aboveNotes for the additional slides - use comment area at the bottom of the slideIdentify the source of any pictures you useSave the PowerPoint in.ppt format and submit it into the Unit 9 Dropbox. When you are ready to submit it, go to the Dropbox and complete the steps below:Click the link that says Submit an AssignmentIn the Submit to Basket menu, select Unit 9: DropboxClick the Add Attachments buttonFollow the steps listed to attach your documentTo view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated itMake sure that you save a copy of your Assignment.ID: CS204-09-08-FP


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