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Question;Risk Management Breakdown Structure Paper;Select an organization you are familiar with as the basis of the paper.;Read the following scenario for the;selected organization;Risk involves uncertainty, the lack of;knowledge of future events, and the measures of profitability and consequences;of not achieving the project goal. Your organization has decided that to be;successful in the global economy it must expand its supply base into China or;another country approved by your instructor. This has become a strategic;project for the organization.;Resource: Figure 11-4 in A;Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK?Guide);Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper in;which you address the following risk management items for this supplier global;expansion project;Describe;the objectives and goals, tools and techniques, and organizational roles;and responsibilities for effective risk management for the project.Describe;various information sources that may be used by the project team for risk;identification.Identify;and describe the risk management documentation that will be required for;the project. Examples include RMP and risk management log or register.Explain;the role of risk management in the project planning process.Createa risk breakdown;structure, which outlines the organization's risk categories. See Figure 11-4;in the PMBOK?Guide. Consider the following;categories;Project;risks BusinessContract;relationships with customers and suppliersManagementPoliticalOrganizational;risksProject;management risksCost;estimatesSchedule;estimatesCommunicationTechnical;risksProduction;risksManufacturing;concernsLogisticsSupport;risksMaintainabilitWarranty External;risksProcurementMaterial;availabilityLead;timesQualityMarketFormatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.;Week 3;Risk Management Paper;Continue using the organization you have selected in Week 2.;Your organization has determined that;more resources are required to complete the project's risk management process;for the expansion into China or another country approved by your instructor.;Your team has been asked to perform a risk analysis, develop risk responses;and determine how the project will monitor and control risks.;Resource:Risk Breakdown;Structure from Part I and University of Phoenix Material: Risk Project Log;Writea 1,050- to;1,400-word paper in which you do the following;Identify;the risks associated with the supplier expansion. Document those risks in;the Risk Project Log template.Perform;a qualitative risk analysis using risk probability and impact;analysis.Perform;quantitative risk analysis.Determine;and document the criteria used to determine which risks will have a risk;response plan.Outline;the timing--when and how often--of the risk management process in the;project life cycle, including risk monitoring and controlling processes.;Consider the following:Risk;reassessmentRisk;auditsStatus;meetingsFormat your paper and presentation consistent with;APA guidelines.;Week 4;Procurement Planning Paper;Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you do the following;Describe;the project procurement planning process. See Section 12.1 in the PMBOK?Guide.Identify;the most valuable output of the plan procurement process and explain why;you believe it is most valuable.Explain;the various contract types and describe who--buyer or seller--has the most;at risk for each contract type.Describe;a source selection criterion that would be applicable to any project and;identify three criteria that would apply to most projects. See Section; in thePMBOK? Guide.Analyze;the ethical concerns that should be considered when identifying source;selection criteria.Explain;the role of risk management in the procurement planning process.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.;Week 5;Contracting Process Paper;Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you explain the process for;conducting and closing procurements. Include the following;Outline;and explain high-level process steps for conducting project procurements.Outline;and explain contract administration policies and procedures.Describe;tools and techniques for the contract administration process, including;the following:Contract;change control processProcurement;performance reviewsInspections;and auditsPerformance;reportingPayment;process (n/30, n/60, and so forth)Records;management system (RMS)Describe;conflict resolution techniques used while managing contractual;relationships.Outline;steps to be taken to close out project procurements.Explain;the importance of closing project procurements and accounts.Examine;external influences on the procurement and risk management process.Analyze;the relationship between the risk response plan and the external;influences.Formatyour;paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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