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Question;Which term refers to a collection of inter-linked documents;graphics, and sounds that can be accessed over the Internet?;2G Network;Digital Television;Freeform Database;Visual Database;World Wide Web/Web;Question 2. Question;The Internet was first developed for whom?;America Online (AOL);cambridge University;Microsoft;The United States Military;Vice President Al Gore;Question 3. Question;Which of the following is a generic term used to refer to;symbols that represent facts, objects, and ideas, which a computer can;manipulate?;Student Answer: CORRECT Data;Entities;Queries;Reports;Wisdom;Question 4. Question;Which term refers a named collection of data copied unto a;storage medium, such as a hard disk, CD, or flash drive?;BIOS;Cluster;File;Port;Sector;Question 5. Question;A megabyte is the same as which of the following?;1,048,576 bits;2 to the power of 10 (= 1,024) Kilobytes;Exactly one million bytes;One half of a Gigabyte;Two Terabytes;Question 6. Question;How many bytes are required to store a single letter in;extended ASCII?;1;2;8;256;1,024;Question 7. Question;Which of the following is the Extended ASCII code for an;uppercase "A" in binary (base 2)?;0000 0000;0000 000A;0100 0001;A000 0000;1111 1111;Question 8. Question;Which of type of language is typically used by programmers;to create programs that control digital devices?;Command Language;Programming Language;Query Language;System Language;Teutonic Language;Question 9. Question;Which type of computer program that translates source code;of an entire program as a batch into object code which it places into a;separate file?;Complier;Database;Interpreter;Operating System;Spreadsheet;Question 10. Question;Which term refers to any method to confirm a person's;identity based upon something they know, possess, or are?;Authentication Protocol;Authorization Protocol;Electoral College;User ID;Validation Procedure;Question 11. Question;Under which act are Sarah Palin?s e-mails and the FBI?s file;on Roswell made available?;Affordable Health Care Initiative;Freedom of Information Act;No Child Left Behind;Patriot Act;Sarbanes-Oxley Act;Question 12. Question;The first major role computers played in marketing was to do;which of the following?;Creating graphics and typesetting print adds;Customizing mass market form letters;E-commerce web sites;Statistical analysis of surveys and sales data;Video and audio editing of broadcast adds


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