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Question;Which term refers to the case which holds a computer's main;circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, power supply, and storage devices?;Bus;Cache;Peripheral Device;Primary Storage;System Unit;Question 2. Question;Which term refers to the high speed circuitry which connects;the processor to the system and transports data to and from the processor?;Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU);Cache;Front Side Bus (FSB);Instruction Pointer (IP);Registers;Question 3. Question;A processor with which of the following word sizes would be;able to manipulate the largest number of bits at one time?;1 bit;8 bit;16 bit;32 bit;64 bit;Question 4. Question;Which type of storage uses light reflecting areas called;lands and non-reflective areas called pits to record data?;Analog Storage;Magnetic Storage;Mechanical Storage;Optical Storage;Solid State Storage;Question 5. Question;Which term refers to the average time it takes a computer to;locate data in a storage device, such as a hard disk, and read it?;Access Time;Latency;Seek Time;Transfer Time;Wait State Time;Question 6. Question;Which event occurs when the read/write head of a hard disk;drive mechanically hits the platter and damages some of the data on the disk?;Head Crash;Magnetic Leakage;Magnetic Decay;Platter Skip;Stack Overflow;Question 7. Question;Which term refers to the number of colors a device can;display, typically denoted as the number of bits to represent the color of each;pixel?;Color Depth;Dot Pitch;Screen Resolution;Screen Size;Viewing Angle;Question 8. Question;Which general term refers to a small circuit board which;plugs into an expansion slot, and gives the computer the ability to control a;storage, input, or output device?;Bus;Coprocessor;Ethernet Card;Expansion Card;Modem;Question 9. Question;Which technology used in display devices/monitors produces;an image by filtering light through a matrix of liquid crystal cells?;Cathode Ray Tube (CRT);Light Emitting Diode (LED);Liquid Crystal Display (LCD);Plasma Screen;Question 10. Question;Which term refers to a small, reinforced, oval shaped hole;in a computer case into which you can insert a lock attached to a cable, which;can in turn be fastened to a desk to prevent theft?;Anchor Port;Bolt Bracket;Kensington Security Slot;Surge Protector;USB Slot;Question 11. Question;According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), how;much E-waste is discarded each year?;30 Tons;300 Tons;3,000 Tons;3 Million Tons;3 Billion Tons;Question 12. Question;Which military communications project evolved into the;modern Internet?;Area 51;ARPANET;Manhattan Project;Operation Overlord;Project PX


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