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Green IT' Discussion Questions




Question;Discussion Week 5;With a focus on enterprise hardware, software;services, and human capital, list and describe three advantages of green IT.Speculate on the role of the CIO in a specific;industry (i.e., manufacturing, insurance, higher education, government, and;distribution) when implementing green IT. Describe three notable actions that;the CIO should engage in and briefly explain how these actions could;strategically impact the organization.Compare and contrast the different types of;project reviews. Speculate as to which project review would have a more;sustainable impact in regard to the evaluation of a project.In your opinion, determine which project review;would best serve an enterprise software development project. Explain your;answer.;Discussion Week 6;Discuss whether or not backcasting is an;important concept for addressing major forces that shape the role of IT in;organizations that compete globally. Explain your answer.Reflect upon sustainability from the perception;of the CIO. Explain why sustainability should be an important concept for every;CIO to embrace and support within the IT organization.Take a position on whether or not the CIO should;develop reasoned responses that are driven by the company objectives. Explain;your position.Explain how IT strategy facilitates;organizational decisions that are related to the forces that shape the role of;IT within an organization (consider domestic and global environments).;Discussion Week 7;Identify three factors to consider in;determining the competitive value of information technology. Justify the;selected factors.Of the factors selected, determine if each;factor is applicable to all businesses and industries, and explain why or why;not.Analyze how social media provides a competitive;advantage for an organization?s Web strategy, given that many companies have;started hiring personnel to handle Facebook and Twitter posts. Explain why a;robust Web presence matters to company executives.Imagine that you are the CIO of a;well-established company. State three compelling reasons why your company;should utilize social media to attain a competitive advantage and explain your;answer.


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