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A business has just hired you as IT consultant




Question;1.A business has just hired you as IT consultant. They are interested in cloud computing to provide supplementary computing power during the Christmas shopping season when deemed for their online products skyrockets. Which type of cloud computing would be ideal for them? as a serviceb.platform as a servicec.infrastructure as a as a service2.Your brother wants to purchase a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite and he must have access. Which version does he need to purchase?a.Home and Business editionb.Professional editionc.Home and Student editiond.Ultimate3.Your boss would like to make a diagram of the HR structure of your organization.He wants to know what application you would recommend.What Microsoft office suite application do you suggest to him?a.Projectb.Visioc.Accessd.EverNote.4.You are the network administrator of a network called The network consists of a single domain controller and it has gone down. What is a consequence of this?a.Domain names cannot be resolved into IP addressesb.Mac addresses cannot be resolved into IP addressesc.Users cannot authenticate to the domaind.Client computers cannot obtain dynamic IP addresses5.You recently purchased a domain name and just uploaded your new website to a web hosting company. What do you need to do next so that people can see your website by typing your domain name into a browser?a.Upload your domain name to the web server using FTPb.Point your domain name at the IP address of the web serverc.Convert your website from HTML to a CSV filed.Advertise your domain name on Google Ads.


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