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Question;Final Case StudyThe School of;Undergraduate Studies is moving away from the traditional final;examination as the only form of final assessment in certain courses. The;new cumulative assignments are known as "authentic assessment;assignments. This course has been identified as having objectives that;are more accurately evaluated through authentic assessment than through a;traditional final exam.The assignment is to read the document;under Course Content labeled "Case Study." This document describes a;medium-sized police department operating in a suburban area in Maryland;with an average amount of crime. The document also includes: (1) a;description and history of the agency, (2) demographics of the community;and the police department, (3) an organizational chart and a brief;description of the management philosophy, (4) annual crime statistics;(5) a description of the culture that exists within the agency, (6);perception problems with the community, (7) a list of current issues and;problems facing the agency.You will write a 10- to 12-page;report (cover page and bibliography not included in page count) that;addresses the issues and problems listed. References must include the;text and at least three external scholarly sources that support the;points made in the report.The paper must 1, describe how the;history of the agency has contributed to many of the issues that have;currently arisen 2, discuss how the department is organized and managed;and what changes could be made to improve 3, discuss the demographic;differences in the agency and the department, and what strategies could;be implemented to make the agency more reflective of the community 4;discuss how the agency culture has contributed to many of the current;issues and describe how to create change in this area 5, provide an;analysis of the crime statistics and identify strategies/tactics to;reduce crime and/or increase closure 6, provide a discussion on possible;solutions to the issues presented in the case study.Formatting;requirements: Your report should include 1, a cover page with your name;project title, course, and date submitted 2, an introductory section;that explains the purpose of the paper 3, your reflections on the agency;and its administration 4, the body of the paper, which addresses the;six previously mentioned factors 5, a "Works Cited" section, in which;you reference the text or other sources, that must be properly;documented and cited. Resources must be reflected in a bibliography;using APA citation rules.


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