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Question;Exercise;2: Data & Cost Analysis;Before;you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?Hometown Deli Case Study?;and ?Hometown Deli Case Study? Stages (1, 2, and 3, respectively).;Business Process Analysis for the;Hometown Deli;For your Stage 1 Project of the;Case Study, you identified a strategic area for improvement of your Hometown Deli?s;business and youidentified a process that could be improved;with the use of technology. For Stage 2;you performed an initial technological proposal supporting the process, and in;Stage 3, you completed a template, identifying the ?areas to be considered?;that may be supported by your technological proposal. For this Exercise, you;will perform a data and cost analysis, to determine a rough order of magnitude;(ROM ? or oftentimes referred to as a Cost Estimate) for your IT technological;proposal. (You may notice I do not use the term ?solution? at this point;because, during this phase (coupled with Case Study 3, dealing with ?areas to;be considered? a.k.a. ?feasibility analysis?) you may find that you will have;to make some adjustments to your proposed effort, which is perfectly normal.;Purpose of this Assignment;This assignment;gives you the opportunity to apply your analysis skills to model a data;cost analysis. Modeling the process as;it exists (or as it will exist) will aid in the design, development and;implementation of the technology solution. This assignment specifically;addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to;Analyze;the data and cost of a pertinent IT solution, given certain restraints.Assignment;For this;assignment you will use the process identified for improvement in your Stage 1;Project. Although your textbook has;little to reference regarding the model or process (hence, the table provided;below), it does provide information for you to consider while determining the;cost of your proposal. You must reference any and all resources (Internet;vendor data, etc.) that you use for this Exercise. Submit your paper via your Assignment Folder (under Exercise 2) as an attached;document with your last name included in the filename.;Budget;Constraints;Since this is your first year of owning the;?Hometown Deli?, information you have is scratchy at best. Thus far, given an;analysis of Gross Profits/Revenue from Sales, you can anticipate that your;business will make $300,000 for the year.;Since you will have to create an Executive Briefing (Stage 4), which;will, in essence, suffice as a proposal for a bank loan as well, you do not;want expenditures for this IT project to exceed 8% of Gross Profits/Revenue for;the next two years (you want to pay this loan off in 24 months to obtain the;lowest possible interest rate), assuming a 3% inflation rate for the 2nd;year, and assuming you will make $300,000 profit for each year.;Thus, you will have to work with;FY1 = 8($300,000), FY2 = 8($300,000 + 3%);Now, upon reviewing the table (below), keeping in mind that this is a template only;and can be adapted to your proposal, you will need to determine what it;will take (in terms of data (proposal information--reference your previous Case;Studies for system and equipment nomenclature that you recommended, etc.);cost, and level of effort (manhours, etc.), to implement your proposed effort.;Please note that changes can be made from your previous proposal, but NOT the;process you identified for improvement (Stage 1).;Data & Cost;Analysis;?Hometown Deli? *;System Requirement(s);Model, Type, etc.;Labor Rates, Hours, etc.;Quantity, etc.;Cost;Hardware;Computer;Dell 3210 (32G RAM);2 @ $1,720.00 ea;$3,440.00;Printer;HP 6220i;1 @ $345.00;$345.00;Software;Sage CRM;Basic;$11,120.00;Quicken;Premiere;$129.99;Service/Support;Sr Analyst;$157.00 hr @ 12 hours;$1,884.00;Trainer;$57.00 hr @ 4 hours;$228.00;12 month support;Sage CRM Basic;$1,000.00;Data/DB Support;Oracle DAAS;Online Data as a Service;1st 20GB / every 5 GB thereafter;($2,000.00 / $400.00);(Need 25 GB);$2,400.00;HelpDesk Support;Basic;FREE;MISC Items;PC-Ready Cash;Register;Whatever It Takes;2 @ 1,750.00 ea;$3,500.00;Paper;Printer Supplies;24 Months Supply;$7,200.00;Network/Comms;ISP;Charter;18MBps w/30MB Free Space for Web Site;$37.50 month / 24 Months;$900.00;In-House WiFi;LinkSys D3100 Secure Router with WPA-2;$200.00;Secure VPN;Transact-a-Lot (Bank);$27.00 month / 24 Months;$648.00;Sub Total;$32,994.99;Taxes (@ 9%);$2,969.55;Other Direct Costs (S&H, etc)(@5%);$1,649.75;Total;$37,614.29;* NOTE;This data is fictitious (Example Only), whereas your information cannot be;Use resources at your disposal?please ensure you;properly cite your resources.;When indicating your ?Total? cost, specify what;percentage it entails of your budgetary amount (see ?Budgetary;Constraints?). Of course, I do not;expect this work to be exact, but your model should at least show the detail;that the example provides.;The "right" and "wrong" answers have to;do with whether or not you correctly model a data and cost analysis. Your model;will be evaluated on whether it is applicable to the process identified (Stage;1), all major areas are included (per the template), and it is appropriate to;the Deli. Use the Rubric below to be;sure you have covered all aspects.;GRADING RUBRIC;Attribute;Full Points;Partial Points;No points;Possible;Points;Points;Earned;Model;Completeness;The;model presents the major areas.;The;model presents most of the major areas.;No;major areas are included.;16;Organization;of Data;Data;(to include cost) in the areas are organized in a logical manner, and all;system, software, etc. is properly represented.;Data;may not be organized logically, or may be lacking in demonstration of analysis;and/or presentation.;Data;is not organized at all.;12;Analysis;Presentation;Analysis;is professionally presented, uses a logical structure, and spelling is;correct.;Analysis;is not professionally presented, and/or contains spelling/mathematical errors.;Analysis;is poorly presented and does not convey the information.;12;TOTAL;Points;40;40;points =10% of final course grade;Points;Recorded;(total points x.10)


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