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Question;IFSM 300 ? Assessment;Each;Assessment Question is worth five (5) points, maximum. Remember, this is a;300-level course, so I consider grammatical/syntactical areas as well (refer to;your Syllabus for effective writing tips).;Do NOT change the content(s) of any of the Questions, in so doing, you;will forfeit the entire grade of this Assessment.;You;will need to use both textbook and Internet resources for your responses.;Please cite the source of your response.;1. Many companies (just like the scenario in the;class) rely on the use of knowledge as part of their products and services.;With respect to this fact, succinctly define the two (2) premiere forms of;knowledge used by firms (explicit knowledge, and tacit knowledge).;ANSWER;2. Describe the three (3) primary operational Customer;Relationship Management (CRM) technologies a marketing department can use to;increase customer satisfaction (List generation, Campaign management, and;Cross-/Up-selling).;ANSWER;3. Provide an in-depth analysis of the following;business values of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), A. Quality;Efficiency, B. Decreased Costs, C. Decision Support, and D. Enterprise Agility.;ANSWER;4. In your own words;describe the major attributes and purposes of the SWOT analysis. Be specific!;ANSWER;5. Describe four (4) major success factors;related to electronic commerce (e-commerce).;ANSWER;6. In your own words;describe the role of ergonomics and;its use in Information Systems (IS).;ANSWER;7. Describe five (5) things you should consider before posting information to your;?social networks?. (This question is;very subjective (no real wrong answer), but make it count.);ANSWER;8. Describe one (1) of the Information;Management policies referenced in your textbook, AND, describe how you would incorporate it within your;small business (HD) scenario.;ANSWER


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