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Question;Each student must choose3of the following 6 projects and write a short paper as described below. Each project is indicated as part of the grading criteria.The submitted project must be a between two and three pages, not including cover page and bibliography. The composition may be a combination of outline and narrative with outline statements separated by no more than double spacing. The project topics outlined are not comprehensive, you must be through in your research and presentation. I only provide a brief outline to get you started in the right direction. Resources must be reflected in a bibliography, using APA citation rules.Grading of the short projects will be based on:Content 50%Research 20%English 10%Organization 10%Presentation 5%Bibliography 5%Total 100%Project DescriptionsProject 1Write a comprehensive policy statement for the police officer driving a police car in the following circumstances.Normal PatrolCode 2Code 3How fast can an officer drive a patrol car in each of circumstances?How many units can participate in a hot pursuit and at what speed?How do variables like city or rural areas affect police pursuit policy?What sanctions will the policy impose for violators?Project 2Research and provide the cost to purchase and equip a new patrol vehicle for your police department.Choose a vehicle from any of the major American manufactures currently making specialized police vehicles. Why would you select one vehicle over another? What equipment packages would you add to the vehicle? What would the total cost be to buy this fully equipped police vehicle? Include all the technology you would like to see in the vehicle including GPS, CAD systems and other useful equipment the agency might need.Project 3What are the pros and cons of using the traditional concept of having a fleet of police vehicles that are used constantly by each shift versus assigning patrol officers individual police vehicles. Outline the positives and negatives for each approach including the longevity of the vehicles, repair costs, flexibility in emergency situations, total number of vehicles need, and the cost to the police department.Project 4Analyze the pros and cons of 8-hour shifts, 9-hour shifts 10-hour shifts and 12-hour shifts for your police department. Outline the positive and negative aspects of each and explain why you would choose one of the staffing styles for your police department.Project 5Discretion is the exercising of choice. Usually discretion involves a conscious, purposeful decision to disregard a directive, protocol, or normative behavior in favor of some alternative recourse deemed to be more appropriate to the current circumstance or condition. Discretion is fraught with risk, however. Deviation from direction may be construed as disrespect, disobedience, or worse. But a failure to identify the appropriate application of discretion may brand the leader as insensitive, unrealistic, or a martinet. The various elements and characters in the criminal justice system are replete with the opportunity (and the necessity) for the exercise of discretion, none more so than the law enforcement function. The role of the police administrator is doubly challenging, as he or she must determine how best to use discretion as well as encourage or dissuade discretion by subordinate members of the agency.The police function is the opposite of the corporate system. The police have the most discretion at the bottom of the chain of command while those at the bottom of the corporate world have little or no discretion. Police officers have the power to make an arrest every time a law is broken. If they did, the courts would be backlogged for years to hear all the cases. Officers make the arrest decision based on the law, policies of the department, alternatives to arrest, the policies for prosecution set out by the district attorney and the officers own feeling in the situation. Write a policy statement providing guidance to field officers for making arrests arrests for the possession and the use of illegal substances. In your policy, you must consider current state law, likelihood of prosecution, and alternatives to arrest.Project 6Research and outline alternatives to arrest and prosecution being used in America today. Include in the paper alternatives to arrest that you would like to have available in your police jurisdiction. You can also include other services that the police can use in the community as referral sources for victims of crime.Final Case StudyThe School of Undergraduate Studies is moving away from the traditional final examination as the only form of final assessment in certain courses. The new cumulative assignments are known as "authentic assessment" assignments. This course has been identified as having objectives that are more accurately evaluated through authentic assessment than through a traditional final exam.The assignment is to read the document under Course Content labeled "Case Study." This document describes a medium-sized police department operating in a suburban area in Maryland with an average amount of crime. The document also includes: (1) a description and history of the agency, (2) demographics of the community and the police department, (3) an organizational chart and a brief description of the management philosophy, (4) annual crime statistics, (5) a description of the culture that exists within the agency, (6) perception problems with the community, (7) a list of current issues and problems facing the agency.You will write a 10- to 12-page report (cover page and bibliography not included in page count) that addresses the issues and problems listed. References must include the text and at least three external scholarly sources that support the points made in the report.The paper must 1, describe how the history of the agency has contributed to many of the issues that have currently arisen 2, discuss how the department is organized and managed, and what changes could be made to improve 3, discuss the demographic differences in the agency and the department, and what strategies could be implemented to make the agency more reflective of the community 4, discuss how the agency culture has contributed to many of the current issues and describe how to create change in this area 5, provide an analysis of the crime statistics and identify strategies/tactics to reduce crime and/or increase closure 6, provide a discussion on possible solutions to the issues presented in the case study.Formatting requirements: Your report should include 1, a cover page with your name, project title, course, and date submitted 2, an introductory section that explains the purpose of the paper 3, your reflections on the agency and its administration 4, the body of the paper, which addresses the six previously mentioned factors 5, a "Works Cited" section, in which you reference the text or other sources, that must be properly documented and cited. Resources must be reflected in a bibliography, using APA citation rules.


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