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Of course, you may "hear" me say this at least another dozen times




Question;Of course, you may;hear" me say this at least another dozen times--but it truly is ALL;about the data (information), when it comes to BI, and businesses rely on;information as truly one of its most important and highly-regarded assets!;As a response to this;Conference Topic (on "Information") there are several topics, of;which you only need to choose one (1): (REF Chap 6 of your textbook);1. Information;Types" (Transactional & Analytical);2. The Importance of;Information Timeliness;3. Information Quality;4. Information Security;5. Data Warehousing;6. Data Mining;After selecting a topic;from the list, read about it in your textbook, and research one (1) additional;Internet resource (EXCEPT Wikipedia) on the subject-matter. In your own;words, and in a succinct manner, answer the following questions;1. Why would this;(subject) be so important for a business today?;2. Give an example of;its use, or importance, in terms of how a business would benefit from it, and;3. "Could;this subject-matter pertaining to information be beneficial for your business;(Hometown Deli)? Why, or why not?;(Reference your;Internet source as part of your response).


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