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Question;qMany of you are familiar;with metrics, I am sure. Metrics are measurements that are used to evaluate;results to determine if goals are being met. Two areas addressed in your;text (that are measurable and may be contributors to the metrics process);include;Critical Success Factors (important steps companies perform to;achieve goals and objectives in support of their strategy), and;Key Performance;Indicators (quantifiable;measurements a company uses to evaluate whether (or not) critical success;factors are being met....;As a response to this topic;identify (from your business, organization, etc.) a critical success;factor that is important to your firm--briefly describe it, but make;it detailed enough for me to understand. And, address two or three (minimum of;two) KPI's that may be used to measure it. Be as thorough as possible, and cite;any references you may use for this exercise.;You may even be able to;find examples that firms use, publish or detail, via the Internet (check;business' Web pages, for instance). Just ensure you give credit where;credit is due....QOne of the most;recognized areas that management information systems (MIS) have been prevalent;in supporting is, you guessed it, decision support! There are a myriad number;of decision support systems out there, designed in one manner or another, to;support the business' decision or management processes. These include;operational support systems (OSS), managerial support systems (MSS), and;strategic support systems (SSS)--you usually do not see them abbreviated as;such, but I abbreviate them for the sake of...well.... brevity!:-);As a response to this conference;topic, in 2-3 short paragraphs (and after reading the;respective areas covering these types of systems, in your text), briefly;describe an information system you use, or may have used (or may even just be;familiar with)--if you have to do this in research mode (meaning, if you have;to research an IS because perhaps you do not use one--very rare) ensure you;cite your source(s). After describing it, determine if it is one of the three;types of systems we have referenced in this conference topic. Describe why you;believe it is of that particular type of system. Yes, a single IS you may be;familiar with can actually fall in to more than one type, but that's okay--I;only need one.QThere is no doubt that;the Internet (you seldom hear the term "World Wide Web;anymore--thankfully!) has changed the way in which we think of doing business.;I am sure most of you have purchased a product on-line, or at least used;services provided on-line to aid you in making reservations, find information;or even look for better deals! Electronic business, or e-business it is more;often called, has become an important part of "most" firms' business;model. Your text, starting on page 101, covers the four (4) most common;business models;-Business-to-Business;(B2B;-Business-to-Consumer;(B2C);Consumer-to-Business;(C2B);Consumer-to-Consumer;(C2C);* It is very important;that you read this section and familiarize yourself with the concept of each;you will see it again, I can assure you:-);With the maturation of;the Internet, we have now come into a technologically-enhanced phase of the;Internet, often referred to as "Web 2.0", as your text alludes to;a more mature, distinctive communications platform characterized by new;qualities....." More, user-friendly, intuitive capabilities that;allows the user or customer a much better experience by the use of;human-centric capabilities. As such, there are some distinctive;characteristics of Web 2.0, that are referenced in your text: Content;sharing via open sourcing, User-contributed content, Internal collaboration;and External collaboration.;As a response to this;Conference Topic: Select, and;define (in your own words), one (1) of these characteristics. Then, in 2-3;paragraphs, give an example of a Web site, service, capability, or system you;have used (or are familiar with, or have done research on) that depicts the;characteristic you have addressed. Explain "why" you believe it to be;supportive of the selected characteristic, give examples, etc., to support your;statements.


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