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Question;Class diagram for the SRS system;CRC cards for each class in your class diagramVerification and validation of your workExplanation of your work;iLAB STEPS;STEP 1: Review Starting RSA on Citrix, and Drawing a Class Diagram (not graded);Back to Top;The video tutorial below demonstrates how to start the IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) in the Citrix iLab environment.;Starting Rational Software Architect;The video tutorial below demonstrates how to draw a Class diagram using RSA.;Drawing a Class Diagram with Rational Software Architect;STEP 2: Generate the Class Diagram;Back to Top;Download the iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate. You are going to;use this template for all of your iLab submissions throughout this;course. This template is available in week1 iLab.Create the SRS class diagram for the SRS system using the;Rational Software Architect software in the Citrix iLab environment;based on your functional models. Pay attention to different kinds of;relationships in the class diagram.Using the iLabWeeklySubmissionTempate, copy and paste your SRS class diagram into the template.;STEP 3: Complete the CRC Cards;Back to Top;Using the iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate complete CRC cards;for each class that you designed in your class diagrams, ensuring that;you identify all appropriate attributes, operations, relationships;(including types), responsibilities, and collaborations. Be sure that;you complete the front and back of each card. Be sure that your CRC;cards exactly reflect what you created in your class diagrams.;STEP 4: Verify, Validate, & Explain Your Work;Back to Top;Using the iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate, verify and validate your workUsing the iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate, explain your work;the decisions you made to arrive at your proposed solution, and lessons;learned.;STEP 5: Upload your iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate Document to your Dropbox;Back to Top;Save the iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate MS Word document with the file;name iLabWeeklySubmissionTemplate_YourName and upload to your Dropbox.


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