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Question;I need a powerpoint presentation created with the attached data. The presentation is regarding an "IT Rollout" replacing old computer systems. This is all fictional and for a project management course. Please fill in any missing data that is required if possible with fictional (logical) data.Requirements:Presentation should have a title slide that has the team name, team members and a project name.After the title slide, the presentation should cover the information in the project with a little more detail. (Don?t go into detail about how the tasks will be carried out but rather focus on the value and benefits the project will bring to the organization.)Presentation should address the technical, organizational and economic feasibility of the project.? Technical Feasibility: Discuss whether the technology required is available or will it need to be obtained. If the technology must be obtained, discuss how it will be obtained.? Organizational Feasibility: Discuss whether the project is feasible from an organizational point of view. Does the organization have the human resources (skilled people), office space and capability to maintain any product produced by the project?? Economic Feasibility: Discuss the business value in comparison to the estimated cost. The executives listening to the presentation will want justification that the organization can afford the project and that the project will be worth somehow. For example the project may increase the revenue generated by the organization, it may improve employ productivity in such a way that justifies the cost, or it may provide the organization with important knowledge that solves a problem or issue.Thank you!Equipment Costs400 computers$1,150100 Hybrid laptops900100 docking stationsHP ENVY Phoenix 810-135qe100500 laser mice30500 ergonomic keyboards50250 30 inch led monitors576250 23 inch led monitorsHP SlateBook 10-h010nr x2175from monoprice backlitsoftwareMicrosoft Office 365 business planAdobe Creative Suite 6$15 per user per month2,600Cyberlink Power Director 1280Final Draft250Wages2@$208@251 (project manager)30Breakdown of positions250 graphic designers125 video editing75 script writers50 copywritersRussell SeatonJahon Louie ? Team Leader;John Howland;Project Request;Project manager: Jahon Louie;Project Team;Members: Russell Seaton, Jahon Louie, John Howland;Project;sponsor: Mario Martinez, president;Business;Needs;This project will help provide services and help to businesses;across a geographic location. With the influx of need on the West Coast.;Business;Requirements;Innovative Technology, Inc. wants their Graphic Design, Video;Editing, Copy Writing and Script Writing Departments computer systems (both;laptops and desktops) upgraded with newer systems and the software needed by;each department.;Business;Value;The computer laptop rollout will raise the revenue as;well as the accessibility of Innovative Technologies Inc. Can reach 17 million;in revenues.;Funds;Requested;Based on the equipment, software, and;wages needed for this project we are asking for $1,320,000.;Computer accessories;$536,000;Software;$683,750;Wages;$100,000;Special;Issues or Constraints;?;Software properly working;?;Debugging;?;Formatting;?;Stations properly set up


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