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Question;is the raw material in the production of information.A DataB Decision makingC ManagingD ProgrammingSimply put, a _______ is an array of components that work together to achieve a common goal, or multiple goals, by accepting input, processing it, and producing output in an organized manner.A planB processC projectD systemA(n) ______ interfaces and interacts with other systems.A closed systemB final systemC initial systemD open systemThe _____ of a modern business shows a network of information subsystems that exchange information with each other and with the world outside the system.A information listB information mapC specific mapD total systemIn today's world, organizations must continuously _____ hardware, software, and the skills of their employees to stay competitive.A downsizeB shareC specifyD upgradeThe main goals of ____ systems are to increase the quality of customer service, reduce the amount of labor involved in serving customers, and learn as much as possible about the preferences of individual customers.A CRMB ERPC MISD TPS_____ systems mainly help in record-keeping, employee evaluation, and employee benefits.A AccountingB FinancialC Human resource managementD MarketingThe _____ is the most important part of any computer.A external storageB central processing unitC main memoryD ROM_____ are typically used for computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), complex simulations, and scientific applications.A Midrange computersB WorkstationsC Mainframe computersD SupercomputersThe CPU performs four functions in every cycle: ______, decode, execute, and store.A bringB exposeC transportD fetchThe combination of _____ and clock rate determine throughput.A bus widthB RAM widthC bus heightD ROM sizeBecause _____ reduces the amount of paper in organizations, some of its most enthusiastic adopters are companies in paper-intensive fields such as law, retail, insurance, and banking.A processingB OMRC imagingD printingTwo qualities to check when purchasing a laser or ink-jet printer are speed, measured in _____, and density, measured in dots per inch (DPI).A characters per second (cps)B words per minute (wpm)C pages per minute (PPM)D Kbytes per second (Kbps).Two qualities to check when purchasing a laser or ink-jet printer are speed, measured in _____, and density, measured in dots per inch (DPI).A characters per second (cps)B words per minute (wpm)C pages per minute (PPM)D Kbytes per second (Kbps).While the great capacity and low cost of CDs are appealing, the _____ of magnetic hard disks is still significantly better than that of CDs and their faster relatives, DVDs.A transfer rateB durabilityC reliabilityD portabilityWhen executives talk about productivity tools, they really mean computer programs, commonly known as software ______.A devicesB applicationsC utilitiesD appliancesHigher-level ______ enable the use of English-like statements to accomplish a goal, and those statements are translated by special software into the machine language.A utility languagesB assembly languagesC appliance languagesD programming languagesAn increasing amount of software is developed using ____.A application languagesB utility languagesC object-oriented programming (OOP) languagesD graphic languages_____ primarily involves modifying programs to meet new business needs, but also debugging of errors that were not detected when testing the developed code.A RecodingB ReassemblingC CodingD MaintenanceA(n) _______ scans the entire source code, looking for errors in the form (syntax) of the code.A compilerB assemblerC coderD programmerSoftware developers often create _____ of productivity tools.A prototypesB suitesC interpretationsD compilationsPrograms that can handle many different types of data are called ______.A supermedia softwareB multisoftwareC multimedia softwareD packaged softwareThe purpose of _____ is to manage computer resources and perform routine tasks that are not specific to any application.A system softwareB production softwareC production toolsD system languagesMost of the software that organizations and individuals obtain is not purchased, it is ________.A leasedB licensedC downloadedD reproducedBusinesses use _____ to save on travel costs and lodging, car fleets, and the time of highly salaried employees whether they work in different organizations or at different sites of the same organization.A videoconferencingB videocommutingC graphicsconferencingD graphic communications_____ is a popular medium for connecting computers and networking devices because it is relatively flexible, reliable, and low cost.A Coaxial cableB Twisted pair cableC Twinaxial cableD Optical fibe_____ connect computers, printers, and other computer equipment for an office, several adjacent offices, an entire building, or a campus.A MANs (Metropolitan Area Networks)B WANs (Wide Area Networks)C LANs (Local Area Networks)D PANs (Personal Area Networks)_____ fulfill organizational needs for reliable data communications while relieving the organization of the burden of providing its own network management and maintenance.A LANs (Local Area Networks)B VANs (Value-added Networks)C MANs (Metropolitan Area Networks)D WANs (Wide Area Networks)A _____ is a group of bits transmitted together.A switchB routerC packetD modemThe _____ standard was developed for devices that communicate with each other within a short range of up to 33 feet in the office, at home, and in motor vehicles.A Wi-FiB WiMAXC MBWAD BluetoothThe differences among generations in mobile communications are mainly in capabilities and _____.A transmission speedB flexibilityC durabilityD stabilityThe proliferation of high-speed connection services, also called _____, is mainly the result of businesses' and individuals' rush to the Internet.A baseband servicesB download servicesC broadband servicesD upstream services_____ is a standard for software that digitizes and compresses voice signals and transmits the bits via the Internet link.A TCP/IPB SoIPC IRCD VoIP____ can be very tiny, about the size of a rice grain, or several square inches, depending on the amount of information they need to contain and the environment in which they are used.A IrDA cardsB RFID tagsC Bluetooth portsD Micro tagsBusinesses use _____ to analyze data.A modelsB documentsC referencesD plansA _____ is one that is neither fully structured nor totally unstructured.A half structured problemB limited structured problemC semistructured problemD superstructured problemThe majority of DSSs comprise three major components: a data management module, a model management module, and a _____.A full management modelB global moduleC dialog moduleD diagram moduleOutcomes rarely respond in equal measure to changes in _______.A data sheetsB parametersC indexesD unitsWhen using a DSS or a(n) ______, the user enjoys the knowledge and experience that have been accumulated by other people over many years.A accounting systemB human intelligence systemC human resource management systemD expert systemRather than containing a set of IF-THEN rules, more sophisticated ESs use programs called ______, which are designed to mimic the way a human brain learns.A neural networksB power rulesC communication networksD sensitivity analysisHTML and _____, the primary languages used to compose and retrieve Web pages, support the presentation of pictures with marked areas, which makes them ideal for retrieval of marked maps.A XMLB HTTPC SGMLD SML_____ are applications that combine features of two or more online applications.A DatabasesB MashupsC SpreadsheetsD Graphics


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