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CIS500 Assignment 4 Data Mining




Question;The development of complex algorithms that can mine mounds of data that have been collected from people and digital devices have led to the adoption of data mining by most businesses as a means of understanding their customers better than before. Data mining takes place in retailing and sales, banking, education, manufacturing and production, health care, insurance, broadcasting, marketing, customer services, and a number of other areas. The analytical information gathered by datamining applications has given some businesses a competitive advantage, an ability to make informed decisions, and better ways to predict the behavior of customers.Write a four to five (45) page paper in which you1.Determine the benefits of data mining to the businesses when employing1.Predictive analytics to understand the behavior of customers2.Associations discovery in products sold to customers3.Web mining to discover business intelligence from Web customers4.Clustering to find related customer information2.Assess the reliability of the data mining algorithms. Decide if they can be trusted and predict the errors they are likely to produce.3.Analyze privacy concerns raised by the collection of personal data for mining purposes.1.Choose and describe three (3) concerns raised by consumers.2.Decide if each of these concerns is valid and explain your decision for each.3.Describe how each concern is being allayed.


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