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Question;1) Which of the following is;considered to be input hardware?;A.;Keyboard;B.;Video Display;C.;Speakers;D.;Plotter;2) The CPU has a small amount;of very fast memory called;A.;the main memory;B.;a data channel;C.;serial bus;D.;a cache;3) A grocery scanning checkout;system is an example of;A.;a vertical-market software;B.;a horizontal market software;C.;a one-of-a-kind application;D.;an operating system;4) Which of the following is;TRUE of in-house custom-developed software?;A.;They are less expensive than;off-the-shelf software.;B.;The organization has to tailor its applications to the software.;C.;They are easy and comparatively;cheap to make.;D.;The developing company pays the;adaptation costs itself.;5) Which of the following is;TRUE of thick-client applications?;A.;A thick-client application is an;application program that need not be preinstalled on the client.;B.;All other things being equal, thin-client applications are preferred;over thick client applications.;C.;A thick client application does not;require preinstallation of client codes.;D.;With a thick-client application, a;system administrator must install the new version on each user computer.;6) The best way to apply a;previously created style to the current document is to;A.;select all paragraphs you want;changed and click on the Style;B.;select each line you want changed;and click on the Style;C.;click on the Style, then select all paragraphs you want changed;D.;click on the Style, then select;each line you want changed;7) If you were writing a;report and wanted the bottom of the third page?after the title page and the;table of contents?to say Page 1, what would you need to insert?;A.;A header;B.;A table;C.;A delimiter;D.;A section break;8) Which of the following;stands true for enterprise DBMS products?;A.;Enterprise DBMS products are;designed for small and simple database applications.;B.;Enterprise DBMS products support many?perhaps thousands?of users and;many different database applications.;C.;Paradox is an example of an;enterprise DBMS product.;D.;Most of the enterprise DBMS;products are out of business today.;9) To locate something in the;database, one must type in the keyword into the ________ of the application.;A.;report;B.;query form;C.;data entry form;D.;data column;10) Which of the following is;true of VPN?;A.;VPN communications are secure even though they are transmitted over;the public Internet.;B.;One disadvantage of VPN is that it;does not encrypt messages.;C.;Remote access is difficult in case;of VPN.;D.;It is a virtual, private pathway;over a public or shared network from the client to the server.;11) Most homes and small;businesses use ________ because they receive more data than they transmit.;A.;SDSL;B.;ISDN;C.;ADSL;D.;PPP;12) A ________ connects;computers at different geographic locations.;A.;LAN;B.;WAN;C.;VPN;D.;PSDN;13) In making a financial plan;you have decided to assume sales will grow by 10% from this year?s sales. The;information for this year?s sales is contained in cell B5. The correct;formula you should type into a cell to calculate next year?s sales is;A.;=10%*B5;B.;=0.1*B5;C.;=1+B5*0.1;D.;=B5+B5*0.1;14) On a spreadsheet you have;just opened, the projected sales are listed by departments. You have just;summed up the projected sales by each department for year 2009 using a SUMIF;function. To copy the same formulas over to use for year 2010, what types of;referencing should you use?;A.;Use absolute referencing to refer to the column containing;department names, but relative referencing for the rest.;B.;Use relative referencing to refer;to the column containing department names, but relative referencing for the;rest.;C.;Use absolute referencing to refer;to the column containing department names, but mixed referencing for the;rest.;D.;Use relative referencing to refer;to the column containing department names, but mixed referencing for the;rest.;15) You want to model the;growth of the sales of three different products over the past six years. You;want to emphasize the growth of the total amount of sales in addition to the;relative growth rates of each of the products. Which type of chart should you;use?;A.;Clustered column chart;B.;100% stacked column chart;C.;Pie chart;D.;Stacked column chart;16) Which of the following is;true of Web 2.0?;A.;It is a primitive;interorganizational information system.;B.;It is supported by telephones;faxes, and EDIs.;C.;Its supporting technologies include;HTTP and HTML.;D.;It makes use of user-generated content and is flexible.;17) Nonmerchant companies;A.;take title to the goods they sell;B.;sell services that they provide;C.;include B2C, B2B, and B2G;transactions;D.;arrange for the purchase and sale of goods;18) In the Web 2.0 world, the;value of a site increases;A.;over time;B.;exponentially;C.;as the investments in it increase;D.;with users and use;19) Which of the following;systems for sharing content provides version control?;A.;Microsoft SharePoint;B.;Google Docs;C.;Windows Live SkyDrive;D.;File Transfer Protocol;20) ________ tracks changes to;documents and provides features and functions to accommodate concurrent work.;A.;Version management;B.;Workflow regulation;C.;Workspace management;D.;Content regulation;21) What is the best strategy;for designing a PowerPoint presentation for the first time for your;organization?;A.;Ask around to see if there is a;standard template for the organization.;B.;Choose the template that you used;for the class that you did the best in at college.;C.;Use the Blank Presentation template;just to be safe.;D.;Use the 5-star rating to find the most well-liked;template.;22) When creating a;presentation, it is most important to consider making the text;A.;readable;B.;decorative;C.;colorful;D.;beautiful;23) Mark recently received an;e-mail from what appeared to be a legitimate company, asking him to update;and verify his credit card details. Unknowingly, he obliged and later;realized that the information had been misused. Mark is a victim of;A.;hacking;B.;phishing;C.;pretexting;D.;sniffing;24) The broadest definition of;includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and adware.;A.;malware;B.;metadata;C.;software;D.;widgets;25) Which of the following;statements is true regarding position sensitivity?;A.;It is a type of data safeguard.;B.;It enables security personnel to prioritize their activities in;accordance with the possible risk and loss.;C.;It is documented only for high-sensitivity;positions.;D.;It applies to new employees only.;26) Which of the following is;true regarding an incident-response plan?;A.;The plan should provide;decentralized reporting of all security incidents.;B.;The plan should require minimal;training on the part of employees.;C.;The plan should identify critical personnel and their off-hours;contact information.;D.;The plan should be simple enough to;ensure a fast response with limited practice.;27) Projects that spend so;much time ________ are sometimes said to be in analysis paralysis.;A.;in the system definition phase of;the SDLC;B.;on project scheduling;C.;documenting requirements;D.;designing system components;28) Which of the following;statements is TRUE with regard to system maintenance?;A.;Software developers usually club;enhancement requests and failures together.;B.;IS personnel prioritize system;problems on a first-come-first-served basis.;C.;All commercial software products are shipped with known failures.;D.;All organizations track system;failures and enhancements using word-processing documents.;29) During the ________ phase;of the SDLC process, developers construct, test, and install the components;of the information system.;A.;requirements analysis;B.;database design;C.;feasibility assessment;D.;implementation;30) The easiest and cheapest;time to alter the information system is in the ________ phase of the SDLC.;A.;requirements analysis;B.;system definition;C.;component design;D.;implementation


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