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Kaplan IT460 unit 3 assignment




Question;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Explain to team members the importance of a SCLC process;? Formulate a plan to complete a successful JAD session.;? List the items required to complete a successful three day;workshop;Course Outcome;IT460-1 Compare various types of information systems;Instructions;As with past weeks, to find the needed information for this;week?s assignment please go;to the ?Case Study Assignment Link? found under Learning;Activities in Session 3 and;4.;In the past, Jesse and the team considered using a JAD;session to gather requirements.;This time the decision has been made to begin requirements;gathering using the;Interview technique. While more techniques will be needed;the team thought that;using Interviews will give them a great start.;For this assignment please prepare a paper in APA format;that provides your plan to;successfully gather requirements using the Interview;technique. In your paper please;address the following items;1. Outline for Jesse what process you will follow to ensure;that the Interviewing;process will be successful. For each step, provide a;detailed paragraph that;describes exactly how you will accomplish that step. (Please;note that this step;should be a minimum of three, typed, double space pages.;More detail in;encouraged.);2. Provide a list of of team members that will be on your;Interview List. Include their;job function within the company.;3. Provide a list of questions that you will use for each;person.;4. Share with Jesse how you plan to summarize and publish;the results.;Unit 3 Assignment grading rubric =40 points;Criteria Points;possible;Points;earned;1. Outline for Jesse the process you are;going to use. Please note that this;should be multiple pages in length to;0-25;Assignment G


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