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Kaplan IT460 unit 4 assignment




Question;Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 4 Points: 40;Copyright Kaplan University;Assignment 4;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Identify the various methods for determining systems;requirements;? Construct data flow diagrams to support the analysis of;information systems;? Evaluate the relationship between the logical and physical;models;Course Outcomes;? IT460-2 Develop logical models for a proposed system.;Instructions;As with past weeks, to find the needed information for this;week?s assignment please go;to the ?Case Study Assignment Link? found under Learning;Activities in Session 5.;Context Level Diagram: Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 4 Points: 40;Copyright Kaplan University;0;TIM S SYSTEM;COURSES;STUDENT;INS T RUCT OR;CORPORAT E;CL IENT;ACCOUNT ING;SYSTEM;TRAINING;ADM INIST RAT OR;ROST ER;COURSE ASSIGNM ENT;COM PL ET ION DAT A;ACCOUNT ING DAT A;INVOICE;PAYM ENT;COURSE;REQUEST;CONF IRM AT ION;T RAINING SUM M ARY;SCHEDUL E;DECISIONS;TRAINING;REPORT S;COURSE DAT A;Level 0 Diagram;Assignment Grading;Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 4 Points: 40;Copyright Kaplan University;COMPLETION;DATA;PAYM ENT;STUDENT;DATA;SCHEDULE;DECISIONS;COURSE;DATA;ROSTER;COURSE;ASSIGNMENT;ACCOUNTING;DATA;INVOICE;TRAINING;ADMINISTRATOR;TRAINING;SUMM ARY;TRAINING REPORTS;TRAINING DATA;D1;STUDENT DATA;D2;SCHEDULE DATA;1;MANAGE;COURSE;SCHEDULING;2;REGISTER;STUDENTS;3;MAINTAIN;TRAINING;RECORDS;4;PRODUCE;REPORTS;REGISTRATION;DATA;CURRENT;SCHEDULE;SCHEDULE;DATA;CONFIRMATION;COURSE;REQUEST;STUDENT;INSTRUCTOR;COURSES;CORPORATE;CLIENT;ACCOUNTING;SYSTEM;TRAINING DATA;D3;TRAINING;DATA;TRAINING DATA;Deliverable 1: You have completed your work with regards to;the following diagrams;Context and Level 0. Both are depicted above. Now, in order;to ensure accuracy, it?s;time for us to explain these drawings to our business partners.;For this deliverable;please provide the following;1) APA formatted paper that fully describes, in your own;words, both diagrams. You;must have a section that addresses the Context Diagram and;another section that;describes the Level 0 Diagram. In order to properly explain;the requirements;represented by these diagrams, multiple pages are going to;be required. It is Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 4 Points: 40;Copyright Kaplan University;absolutely essential that our business partners and;technical team have accurately;captured the requirements as we?ve learned them to date!;Deliverable 2: CASE tools are very important to our work as;Systems Analysts. For this;section of your Assignment please supply the following;1) A detailed description in your own words that describes;what CASE tools are and;how they can be helpful to our assignment. Please keep in;mind that the audience;for this paper is our business partners. Ensure that the terms;you use are ones;that the business folks will understand.;2) Provide two examples of CASE tools today. For each;example, detail, in your own;words what features and value this tool has.;Assignment requirements;? Context Diagram Explanation;? Diagram 0 Explanation;? CASE tool explanation;? Find two examples of CASE Tools on the Internet and supply;a detailed;explanation in our own words as to what their strengths and;weaknesses are.;? Assignment 4 grading rubric =40 points;Criteria Maximum;points;Points;earned;1. Detailed explanation of what the;TIMS Context Diagram represents. You;explanation must be clear and concise;and in a language your business partner;would understand. A major purpose of;this document is to further understand;business requirements. Both the I.T.;teams and Business teams must have a;clear understanding. Your work will be;evaluated on how accurately and;effectively you capture the requirements;depicted in this diagram.;0-10;2. Detailed explanation of what the;TIMS Level 0 Diagram represents. The;Level 0 diagram defines Business;0-15 Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 4 Points: 40;Copyright Kaplan University;Requirements in further detail from the;Context Diagram. Hence, all of the;criteria outlined above for the Context;diagram also apply to your Level 0;explanation.;3. Case tool explanation/description;0-5;4. Two examples provided of CASE tools;with detailed explanations.;0-10;Total (Sum of all points);0-40


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