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Kaplan IT460 unit 6 assignment




Question;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Differentiate between software acquisition alternatives;and outsourcing options;? Assess the viability of a business case using three unique;financial measures;? Recommend a ?go? or ?no go? decision based on the;presented case.;IT460-1 Compare various types of information systems;Assignment Instructions;As with past weeks, to find the needed information for this;week?s assignment please go;to the ?Case Study Assignment Link? found under Learning;Activities in Session 7.;Only the following items are required;1. The organization is asking us whether or not we should;consider outsourcing the;TIMS assignment. For this part of our assignment, supply the;following deliverables;a) What are the pros and cons we must consider if we;outsource our assignment?;b) What options do we have available if the outsourcing;decision is made?;2. Perform three tasks to analyze in-house development of;TIMS;a) Using the financial numbers shown below provide the;following;i) Three year worksheet as depicted on Page 663 in the;Financial Analysis Tools;section of our text.;ii) Simple Payback Analysis: In your own words, provide a;sentence with;supporting evidence of what year our assignment ?pays back?;iii) Return on Investment;iv) Net Present Value;For this section of the assignment please use the following;?numbers?;Developmental Costs;Salaries incurred by the development team $ 125,000;Training center hardware and software required to get ready;for;the new system;$ 45,000;Testing costs to ensure a quality application is released $;15,000;Upfront Testing Licensing fees $ 5,000;P


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