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Kaplan IT460 unit 7 assignment




Question;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Design forms and reports that follow the guidelines for;formatting.;? Identify key considerations for effective user interface;design;? Assess data design and concepts;Course Outcomes;IT460-2 Develop logical models for a proposed system;Assignment Instructions;Please complete the following assignment using MS Word. Save;the assignment as Unit;7 Assignment.doc and place it into the Unit 7 Assignment;Drop Box. Click here to access;the ?SCR-TIMS Work Session Link?.;The following are the only deliverables required for this;week;Part A: Output and User Interface Design;1. Create a detail report that will display all SCR courses;in alphabetical order, with;the course name and the instructor name in a group header;the Social Security;number, name, and telephone number of each current student;in the detail;section, and the student count in a group footer (SCR-TIMS;Work Session, Session;8, To Do List, Part # 1).;2. Create a source document for an SCR mail-in registration;form.;3. Also need a design for a Web-based course registration;form (SCR-TIMS Work;Session, Session 9, To Do List, Part # 4).;Assignment requirements;1. Produce a detailed report.;2. Create a source document.;3. Submit a Web-based course registration form. List all;entities that interact with;TIMs and draw an ERD.;40 point assignment grading rubric;Assignment Requirements Maximum;points;Points;earned;1. Create a detailed report that will 0-15 Assignme


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