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Question;Assignment 10;Outcomes addressed in this activity;? Complete final assignment;Course Outcomes;? IT460-1 Compare various types of information systems.;? IT460-4 Practice team dynamics by participating in a role;play activity.;Assignment Instructions;Please complete the following assignments using MS Word.;Save the assignment as Final;Assignment.doc and place it into the Unit 10 Final;Assignment Drop Box. Ensure all;group members have checked the final assignment before it is;submitted. Submit only;one Final Assignment per group.;Click here to access the ?SCR-TIMS Work Session Link?.;Part 1: System Architecture Tasks;1. Visit SCR's data library to review SCR's network;configuration and then send Jesse a;recommendation for the TIMS system architecture. She wants;me to suggest an;overall network topology solution. She also asked me to;comment on these issues;legacy data, Web-centricity, scalability, security, and;batch processing that might be;needed. Jesse said it was OK to make reasonable assumptions;in my proposal to her;(SCR-TIMS, Work Session, Session 10,- To Do List #2).;This includes providing a detailed description of a;client/server architecture. Assignment;should also show distinction between 2 tier and 3 tier;network and select one for;recommendation. A detailed analysis of network topology;includes definition and what is;being proposed for the client. Assignment should give a;definition of what legacy data;entails and how it affects the assignment and what is being;recommended for the new;system. It also should explain what web-centricity means and;what the assignment will;entail regarding the web as opposed to a purely non-web;architecture and GUI?s. Please;describe in detail what scalability, security and batch;processing means and how each;will be implemented for the client. This can be done with;flow charts and/or descriptions.;2. Prepare a design specification document as Jesse;requested (SCR-TIMS, Work;Session, Session 10,- To Do List #4). Assignment Grading;Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 10 Points: 140;Copyright Kaplan University;Assignment should give a detailed explanation of what a;design specification is and;created one for the client that entails via description and;diagrams what the system will;be comprised of after implementation.;Part B: Systems Implementation;1. Need to develop a testing plan that includes unit;testing, integration testing, and;system testing as Jesse requested in her message. Also;draft a reminder to all IT;staff members about the importance of careful documentation;(SCR-TIMS, Work;Session, Session 11,- To Do List #2).;Assignment should describe in detail the different types of;testing that a system goes;through in the development of a system as well as during;implementation and go-live.;The assignment should include a list of the roles that will;be involved in the testing and;what mechanisms will be used for each testing process.;Part C: Systems, Operation, Support, and Security;1. Another issue: capacity planning! Jesse wants my input on;the importance of capacity;planning for TIMS. Draft a message with my views.;Assignment should;describe what capacity planning is and make a recommendation for;whether it should be included in the assignment and why or;why not. What would;capacity planning entail and who would be involved.;Assignment requirements;When your professor reviews your work, they will approach;your paper from a ?Business;Executive?s? perspective. That means that you will have to;address each of the items;below in terms that not only demonstrate your thorough;understanding of the topic but;do so in terms that a business leader would understand.;Deliverables for each item below, the following three items;must be addressed;1. A detailed explanation of the particular topic in terms;that demonstrate you;thoroughly understand the topic and have used terms that a;business leader would;understand.;2. Your proposed solution for TIMS;3. Defense of your solution with actual data/information;from our assigned Case;Study. Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT460 Unit: 10 Points: 140;Copyright Kaplan University;Assignment topics that must be addressed in your paper.;Unless otherwise noted, you;must address all three deliverables outlined above;1. Network topology;2. Legacy Data;3. Web Centricity;4. Scalability;5. Security;6. Batch Processing;7. Actual Design Specification Document for TIMS ? For this;deliverable you will;address all three items but the largest deliverable is the;actual document for TIMS.;8. Explanation of a strong approach to testing ? For this;deliverable, you only need to;share with your audience what a strong test plan would;entail.;9. Actual Test Plan for TIMS;10. Capacity Planning;140 point assignment grading rubri


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