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Kaplan IT460 unit 2 and unit 3 discussions




Question;Unit 2 discn;Topic 1: Systems Analyst;Wow! We?ve already learned a lot about our new role;as a System Analyst. It?s time to ensure that everyone is one the ?same page?;Let?s utilize this discussion thread to address the following questions;1.;What does a Systems Analyst do?;2.;What skills are required for this very important role?;3.;If we don?t have all the necessary skills, where might we go to acquire;the ones we are missing?;4.;Why is our new role important to the development of information systems?;Please keep in mind that Systems Analysts are;required to provide quality work at all times! Quality posts are more than just;a two or three sentence response. Invest some time to share what you?ve learned;with your classmates. Your instructor can provide further clarification as to;what is expected in a quality response.;Unit 3;Topic 1: Who want to be a Computer;Genius;Go to the Course Technology "Learn It Online?;web site, Chapter 3, click here and Play the game ? Who Wants to Be a Computer;Genius?? As you begin to experience this game, keep the following questions in;mind;A;major role of a Systems Analyst is to educate our partners, both technical;and business. Is this game an effective tool to accomplish this goal?;In order to address that question we must understand about the different;types of learners. As a response to this thread, investigate via the web;to see what we can find. What are the different types of learning;categories? What are effective tools we might use to successfully reach;each of them?;Topic 2;Closing down the Planning Phase Points;We are now preparing to leave the;Planning Phase which will allow us to move quickly into the Analysis Phase of;the SDLC. As a response to this thread, please address the following;1.What was the purpose of the;Planning Phase?;2.What work did we accomplish in this phase?;3.What was this work used for or maybe a better question, what will it be used;for?;4.What deliverables are we required to take forward into the next SDLC phase;the Analysis phase?


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