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Kaplan IT460 unit 6 and unit 7 discussions




Question;Unit 6;Topic 1: Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing;Please review the Discussion Board;Participation grading rubric on your course syllabus. This is important;information to ensure you earn the maximum points.;Both Web 2.0 and Cloud computing are being;leveraged (or at least studied) by organizations today. For this thread, select;at least one topic and share with your classmates the following;1.;What does this topic entail?;2.;What examples can we find that have helped organizations succeed?;3.;What are the future prospects in this area?;Topic 2;Cost/Benefit Analysis;Describe what Cost-Benefit;Analysis is in detail and how it is used by Systems Analysts during a system;development project.;Unit 7;Topic 1;Systems Output Points;User output methods have;changed dramatically over the past few years. In this thread, let?s investigate;how! In your response consider what forms of output we need to consider for our;business partner.;Topic 2;Security Points;Class, what are the security;issues that systems analysts need to keep in mind and address during the design;phase? Let's spend a bit of time surfing the web to see if we can find;examples/suggestions. Share your findings with our classmates. Please keep in;mind the requirements for a quality response as you address this question.


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