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Kaplan IT460 unit 8 and unit 9 discussions




Question;Unit 8;Topic 1;Systems Architecture;Systems Architecture is a;topic that addresses many technologies. In this thread please select one or;more of these technologies, investigate what issues must be addressed by;Systems Analysts and then share your plan with our classmates;Topic 2: Systems Implementation;What are the issues we face;in the Systems Implementation Phase?;Unit 9;Topic 1: Maintenance vs. Support;Describe the difference;between maintenance and support. In your response, be sure to include who;typically provides each option. Be sure to respond to at least two of your;peers.;Topic 2: Configuration Management;Class, configuration management;is a very important topic. Please invest the time to research this concept via;the web. Please address the following questions;1.What does this phrase mean?;2.What is the scope (categories) of this phase, i.e. what is the objective of;this process?;3.What processes can we put in place to help us with configuration management?;4.What organizations are recognized today as performing this phase in a world;class manner?;Please share your findings via a detailed response with our classmates.


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