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Kaplan IT499 unit 1 assignment




Question;Assignment 1;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Identify two resources to apply to your continued;professional development;? Complete your professional resume;Course outcomes;IT499-7: Professional Development: Demonstrate an;understanding of the importance of professional;development in the IT field.;Assignment Instructions;Whether you are entering a new career field or striving for;a promotion with your current employer, two criteria;will apply;1. Your resume needs to be current.;2. Professional development will be necessary throughout;your career.;First, begin this unit?s Assignment by addressing the two;criteria noted above. Now is the time to visit the;Career Network at Kaplan University and identify the;materials they have available. Take advantage of these;valuable resources and complete your resume.;If your resume just needs some minor updates, then this will;not be time consuming. If it has been years since;you updated your resume, or if this is the first time you;have written a resume, this process will get you started.;This will be a work in progress, but a necessary step.;Research resume examples in your field and use them;as a reference. Your resume should include your work history;(if applicable), education, and basic contact;information at a minimum. All resumes must look;professional. Your resume should not contain typographical;spelling, or grammar errors.;Secondly, research and identify two resources for;professional development. In some cases, you may be;interested in pursuing a master?s program. In other cases;Cisco? certification or project management;certification may be appropriate for your field. Choose two;specific certification or professional development;options. Identify the exams (if applicable), cost, and;potential timeframe to complete each professional;development item. Next, describe what impact the;professional development might have on your career path.;What led you to make this decision? Is this certification or;degree commonly listed in job descriptions that;employers or websites have? If so, what job description(s);would apply? Be specific, be intentional, and use;this as an opportunity to continue your education within;your career.;Directions for Submitting Your Assignment;Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft? Word? document and;save it as IT499_YourName_Unit_1.doc and;submit it to the Dropbox for Unit 1.;Assignment Grading Rubric;C


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