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Kaplan IT499 unit 5 assignment




Question;Assignment 5;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Discuss the types of unplanned events and their impact on;information systems technology projects;? Prepare, revise, and present project planning, timelines;and budgets to accommodate unexpected;changes;Course Outcomes;IT499-4: Technology Analysis: Evaluate IT trends, practices;and products.;IT499-5: Business Analysis: Evaluate the potential impact of;information systems and technology on business;processes.;Assignment Instructions;This week you will be developing a project status report and;revising part of your initial plan to adapt to some;unplanned events. Most IT projects do not reach completion;without changes occurring along the way. Many of;the changes are not planned, and the project manager must;find a way to revise plans, budgets, and resources;to compensate for such unplanned changes. For this;Assignment, you must analyze the impact of two;unplanned changes on your project, and you must revise the;budget and implementation plan to accommodate;those changes. Consider which scenario you will apply in;addition to the budget cuts. Download the;project_statusReport file from Doc Sharing. Use the file to;fill out all necessary content for the status report.;Read through the scenarios below. For this Assignment, you;must choose Scenario A (Budget Cut), and one;additional scenario.;Scenario A: Budget Cut (required);Your client has informed you that project costs must be;reduced by 10%.;Scenario B: Change in Project Scope;You have been informed that you need to add end-user;training to the project scope. This training is for the;end-users at the client?s location. You need to decide how;this will be handled and negotiated with the client;considering the required budget cut.;Scenario C: Loss of a Member of the Project Team;One of your team members announces that he/she is leaving;the company immediately to take a position with Assign


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