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Kaplan IT499 unit 6 assignment




Question;Assignment 6;Outcomes addressed in this Assignment;Unit Outcomes;? Conduct a risk assessment;? Develop security standards documentation;Course Outcomes;IT499-5: Business Analysis: Evaluate the potential impact of;information systems and technology on business;processes.;IT499-6: Project Management: Apply project management;practices, tools, and methods.;Assignment Instructions;Prepare the Risk Assessment and Security Standards;documentation for your project.;The risk assessment report will range from physical threats;lack of policy implementation, and malicious;security attacks. For example, a fire and subsequent sprinkler;system could damage servers, cabling, and the;workstations. System vulnerabilities could be exposed due to;not implementing remote OS authentication;providing unauthorized access to customer data. The lost;laptop left at the airport security scanner with the;passwords disabled could result in any number of;circumstances for compromised data integrity.;Security Standards documentation include identification of;organizational objectives, strategies, and policies;as well as determination of organizational security;requirements. Discuss the controls and safeguards that are;put in place by the organization to protect against threats;reduce vulnerabilities, risk, and support;organizational objectives.;This document should follow a structured approach, and you;should use the following outline. The items in;bold should be your paragraph headings. What follows the;headings should be the content of that section.;Make sure that all of the following are covered in your;paper;? Risk Assessment: Document the vulnerabilities, threats and;risks associated with your project.;? Risk Likelihood and Impact: Rate the possibility of risk;taking place and impact it would have upon;organization, data integrity, public trust, and company;value.;? Organizational requirements: Security requirements of the;organization. Topics may include;administrative and physical safeguards to protect company;and customer data.;? Key Individuals and Access Rights: The key individuals who;should have access to the system. Also;address access rights for sub-contractors and any policies;necessary to grant access on temporary basis.;? Security Policies: Proposed security polices for the new;system and details of any organization security;requirements needed.;? Security Items: Detailed suggestions of software;hardware, and other security measures required.;? Budget Impact: How will the security costs increase the;proposed budget, if at all?;? Conclusion: Conclusion and reference page.


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