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Kaplan IT499 unit 9 final project




Question;Final Project;Outcomes addressed in this activity;Unit Outcomes;? Complete the development and implementation of the;Capstone Project;Course Outcomes;IT499-1: Technology Skills: Apply current technical tools;and methodologies to solve problems.;IT499-2: Client Specifications: Analyze users? technical;issues.;IT499-3: System Specifications: Design information systems.;IT499-4: Technology Analysis: Evaluate IT trends, practices;and products.;IT499-5: Business Analysis: Evaluate the potential impact of;information. systems and technology on business;processes.;IT499-6: Project Management: Apply project management;practices, tools, and methods.;Final Project Instructions;Congratulations! This week you will turn in the project that;you began at the beginning of the course. Your;project should meet all of the requirements outlined in the;project descriptions and should reflect changes;made over the entire course.;Your Final Project submission will vary depending upon the;type of project you chose. Discuss options for;submission with your instructor before submission. Also;review any submission guidelines posted by your;instructor as a class announcement or on the Discussion;Boards.;Note: By this point, the instructor should be aware of any;deliverables that should be included in the project.;Please make sure to discuss specific details with your;instructor.;Deduction of points based on what is not completed is at the;instructor?s discretion.;Directions for Submitting Your Assignment;Compose your Assignment in appropriate format and save it in;a zip file as IT499_YourName_Unit_9 and;submit it to the Dropbox for Unit 9.;Note: If you are working on the website development project;you must publish it to a Web server for review by;your instructor.


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